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This time of year I get a lump in my gut waiting to hear from my accountant if and how much I have to give back to Revenue Canada.

Does anyone else feel this way? I know some people are lucky enough to get a refund but in the last 15 years I have always had to pay.


Guido, where have you been hiding?. Never heard of RRSP or private investments with loop holes to beat the system. Hiring the right accountant is as important as choosing the right wife.

Barry abone

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Guido said:
but in the last 15 years I have always had to pay.

You have problems dude, get a better accountant. Obviously it all depends what % your income falls in.


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rileyroyal said:
Yea I am pretty freaked out about it. I never owed the government money before. Usually I get a refund.

You declare income?, thought it is all cash transactions??


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I didn't know being annoying on message boards paid....?

AW FUCK! Did I let that out? Shit, sorry......


In some cases, paying the government on April 30th (assuming you didn't underpay on your instalments if you are self-employed), is a good thing, because generally, a refund means you overpaid your taxes during the past year, or effectively gave the government an interest free loan.
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