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Tax season!

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Joined Jan 7, 2010
Messages 2,941
I hate this time of year, tax time. I never know if I am going to have to pay or not.

How about a thread with TAX TIPS on how to save some money for 2009?

My tip, work for cash!:lol:


Well-known member
Joined Jan 18, 2010
Messages 660
RRSP the only way to get money back if you make over $29,000, make sure to maximize it.


Hire a good accountant, has been making me money with tons of loop holes.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 278
Best way to avoid paying taxes, have your wife work and you watch TV all day. :)


Joined Jan 7, 2010
Messages 2,941
RRSP's are fine but you are only deferring taxes in the anticipation that you will be in a smaller tax bracket when you retire.

All the power to the underground economy!


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 466
I work for a big corporation. Taxes are taken at source so I always balance out at tax time, give or take a few dollars. Nothing that would make me loose any sleep.

I am not sure I would support the underground economy as some have on here. That only put's more of the burden on us poor working suckers!

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