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Tattoos and peircings?

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I find it really rare to find an ink free lady of any profession these days. It was such taboo and rebellion back in the day that when you saw a tat on a girl you'd say "shit that's hot, betcha she's a go-er". Now, you can't turn the corner and almost every woman from 18 to 68 has one; piercings are the newer bolder statement, and even more so when it's anywhere but the naval, but that too is becoming the norm.

I find well done tats a turn on. I find piercings erotic. I find full body tats on a girl enticing; ...rowr.

I'm just a slut, I loves them all.


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Personally I don't find anything larger than a 2-3 inch single tattoo attractive. Small is fine, but anything big is just too much. Piercings, just the ears please, maybe a cute nose ring, for once in a while. Tongue? Duh! :p


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3somesarethenewblack said:
I personally dont mind a tatoo or too, especially if they are well done and interesting. As for piercings, I agree with Guido, the tongue stud and belly button piercings are sexy but I do not like nipple piercings at all. Facial piercings are person dependent.
I couldn't agree more with 3. Although I do not like nipple piercings I see girls with then they(piercings) are not a completely turn off to me. What turns me off are girls who abuse of ymmv, one of the worst experiences that I've had the girl was using nipple piercings and used it as a justify to avoid any kind of touch on her tits.


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I am just curious what the rest of you boys think about ladies with tattoos and piercings?[/QUOTE]

I'm of an age where sporting tattoos was not generally socially acceptable and piercings were particularly taboo. Maybe I equated women with tattoos and pirecings with counter culture attitudes and that's why I happen to like both. But I also like women without. I guess it really depends on the person.

I have recently enjoyed two SPs who say that the nipple and clit piercings make them more sensitive and they reach orgasm faster. Because I want this to happen as part of my enjoyment of an experience, if it works for them it works for me.

I do think agency or independent's web sites should include information of a girl's body art or jewelry so those who don't like either are warned in advance.

Sydney at RM's extensive tattoos are works of art and I also like her pirecings. Adelle StClair has a unique collection of body art and a number of piercings including her tongue which adds another dimension to her excellent BBBJ and DFK skills. Both these ladies are wonderful providers.

To each our own.


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See the Metal poll

See the Metal poll

As noted above, MANY different preferences.:neutral:

Tattoos will be polled later.

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