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Sweet Cherise Fox - Review

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So I noticed a new blond on the Fox Den website, and I decided that her pictures looked too good to be true and I decided that I just had to try her! Unfortunately our schedules never seemed to mesh until yesterday when I noticed that Sweet Cerise ( ) was working, so I called up the Den and made my appointment for later on that day. I soon started to get that nervous feeling I get before I see someone new, that nice excited feeling that we all know and love…

Before I continue I would like to mention that Sweet Cerise is listed as “open-minded”, so YMMV here.

I got to the Den in the blowing snowstorm and once I had parked I did my pre-session check (Cologne, mouthwash, and double counted donation of $320) and walked to the back entrance of the Fox Den and I opened the colorful glass door and ascended the stairs up to the second door, then I pushed the buzzer. Within a few seconds I was let inside and I walked to the front desk where I paid my donation ($320 for the hour) to the Office Fox and then I was lead to my room where I got my glass of water and I waited a few minutes until Sweet Cerise entered the room, and after explaining that she was late due to traffic (I can attest to that, I was almost late myself due to the traffic) we quickly got into a nice embrace and I started to feel up this very nice body I had before me! I moved in closer and snuck in a few quick kisses until Cerise suggested a quick rinse, so I disrobed and hopped into the shower alone and after a few fleeting minutes I dried myself off and headed towards the round queen-size bed and lied down on the black silk sheets with Cerise following behind me. She lied down beside me and we started to make conversation while I was looking over her warm young body, a very nice store bought D rack with a nice ass to match! She was wearing a pink bra with a matching pink thong and I couldn’t wait to see what was underneath these few small pieces of clothing. Soon Cerise rolled over and we started to spoon very nicely with her hand traversing downward my torso and finally landing at the now very erect Banana with my hand finding her tits. She turned and gave me a devilish little grin while exploring what she had just found, and started to buck her hips and gyrate beside my growing manhood while grabbing and playing with me, very hot! We continued like this for a minute or two until she hopped on top of me and continued to play with me while simulating what was to come! I suggested that her bra was looking a little too tight and with a flick of her wrist the pink garment went flying off and my hands shot up to play with my newly unwrapped presents! She started to slide herself downward my body and leaned forward, placing her boobs right at Banana level and started to give the Banana a nice Russian sandwich while looking straight into my eyes. Looking down at her, hands pushing boobs up to greet the Banana is a sight I’m not going to forget for a while.

Cerise then slid off me and lied down beside me and after a quick few minutes of kissing she flung open her legs and I slid down to start some tasty DATY on her shaved kitty. Pulling her thong aside I thrust my tongue inside and soon she started to make some low moaning noises along with playing with my hair, pulling it then grabbing then squirming away but always coming back for some more. She is very responsive in DATY and soon I started to involve some fingers for some DIGITS and Cerise started to get louder and louder! I stopped and came up for air but was quickly pushed down again to continue my magic, and after a few minutes of this I came back up while sneaking in some kisses with my blond goddess when she suggested that she go get something, fine by me!

She slid off me, grabbed a cover, and then placed it upon the Banana and with a very, very sexy look started to give the BananaMan a CBJ. Cerise has lots of brownish-blond hair (Natural too!), and I held it up for her so I could get a nice view of this hot blond going up and down my Banana, and she took to her task with enthusiasm! Holding her hair in my fist was a great way of controlling the pace, and soon the spit was flying everywhere but one thing was missing. With my suggestion she started to play with the boys while casting upwards glances towards me which I found very erotic! She kept at it, sucking and playing away all while I was holding back her long hair, watching the events as they were happening with a lazy smile on my face but other dirty thoughts in my head. I soon suggested that she lose her bottoms, and they joined her bra on the floor while she resumed CBJing away.

After a few minutes of this I suggested that she hop on and take a ride, and what a ride that was! Cerise slid on the mighty Banana with a flourish and started to go Cowgirl like I’ve never had before! This girl has so much energy it’s amazing, she was bucking and bouncing away like she was riding a mechanical bull on the maximum setting and I was matching her, stroke for euphoric stroke all while playing with her boobs which would bounce along with both of us. We kept on going faster and faster while whispering some small dirty talk in between quick kisses all while getting it on like no tomorrow! I’ve never had a partner who had this much energy before and trying to keep up with her was a challenge but one that I was determined to keep! We kept at it, pounding away quickly like two long lost lovers who hadn’t seen each other in ages until I started to notice that strange but oh so nice feeling starting to preside over things and quick as a wink my hands shot to her hips and although I didn’t think it was at all possible we started to buck faster than before (By this point there were no more pillows on the bed, nor were the sheets tucked in! ) when all of a sudden I started to see stars and proceeded to have one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had in a long time, all while staring deep into Cerise’s hazel eyes.

We slowed down, and with a kiss she hopped off, removed the well-used cover and went to get me a warm cloth to clean myself up with. With that taken care of, Cerise lied down beside me and we kissed again passionately while holding each other, still feeling the last of the euphoric waves surge through us. Again the conversation started, and soon we heard the Office Fox let give us our five minute heads up. We then finished our conversation and crawled to the end of the round bed to get dressed. I guess you know you were most certainly involved in the heat of passion when you start to look around for her clothes, she must have thrown them clear across the room and once we had dressed, Cerise made sure no one was in the hallway, and after another few soft kisses she escorted me to the back door where she opened the door, and again another kiss and I was off on my merry way home to write this review.

I must include that while she certainly is the girl in the pictures they do not do her an ounce of justice, I was very, very happy to see this model body walk into the room when she came in and I was very disappointed that I didn't "spring" for a two hour session, it was one of the more enjoyable sessions I've had in a while. I guess I now have another blond to watch for on the Fox Den roster!

Repeat: Yes
Contact information:
Rate information: $320 for the hour


Well-known member
Joined Mar 27, 2010
Messages 316
*This review is from last winter, but she is still a current girl so I though I'd import it.


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Joined Mar 27, 2010
Messages 316
Thank you. Cherise is a lot of fun, I've repeated many times since....:D


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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You are one screwed up man. Mean it in a good way- screwing - screwed. Get it. :)

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