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Summer of 2030 heat wave could kill 11,000, White House says

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The first question I like to ask those worried about Global Climate Change.....WHAT IS THE PERFECT EARTH CLIMATE? Does anyone expect it to just stay like it was during the past 50 -100 years? There have been much warmer eras in the past that lead to much higher biological productivity. The swamps that later became the fossil fuels we use now grew in a much warmer climate. If you can tell me what the ideal, perfect climate is, I'll start worrying about how the climate is changing now.

Another you think technology will fail us? Already there are companies out there pushing the boundaries of electric vehicles, battery technology and solar power. There may be a replacement to the use of fossil fuels on the horizon.

Another issue....who is doing all of the carbon polluting now? Talk to China and India about the tons and tons of carbon they are spewing into the atmosphere. The US and other countries are hurting their own economies by regulating carbon emissions while they do as they please without a concern.

How about we all relax about the climate. It's very possible that the climate would have headed this direction if there were no people on Earth or the climate can head the other direction. Weather is so complex that we can barely predict it for a few days out....what settled science models are there that predict it out for several years that the local weatherperson apparently has to access to.
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