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Attractive young lady showed up on time, very friendly a good attitude added to our time together. Everything was done in a safe manner with a cover, OK I have to admit that time is catching up on me and MSOG was not possible not that she was not willing just me this time. I will be here for a few days and am tempted to repeat. OK now I need more sleep it was Summer not Hunter.
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Ummm...Thanks...? hehehe. How bout a link liteload? That would help the brothers out here.


Thanks RL for the link. They certainly seem to have an impressive line up. Would be good to hear of other experiences with this agency, with that many on the roster, there's bound to be a Gem or two in there.

A list of services would be good too as the CBJ is a deal breaker for me and I'm assuming outcall only? <another deal breaker.

*edit - Never mind boys, I found feedback here Doesn't sound good, one reason why I'll never do outcall except for maybe Vixens in TO..they have a pretty good reputation, or Mirage, RM or other reputable agencies in the big smoke.


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Thanks to the 3 of you for all the related posts. Buyer beware should be their agency name.


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Well liteload it sounds like your having a good fu king time in Barrie. I have seen Alex, Summer and Hunter. I haven't seen Hunter for awhile but I'say she's was the best of the 3. The more you repeat the more open the girls get. Keep on trucking guy........


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