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I noticed a new name on the Fox Den roster, so after calling to inquire I soon discovered that a brand new platinum blond named Sugar Fox ( ) was starting at the Fox Den and once I had heard her stats I decided that I had to be her first client. Soon I was booked as her first ever appointment and I started to get excited as I just love trying brand new girls. Soon the hour was fast approaching and I caught myself racing home faster than normal to get ready and to the Den, I didn’t want to be late!

I arrived at the Fox Den and after performing my pre-session ritual (Mouthwash, cologne and double counted donation) I sauntered to the back door of the Den, opened the colorful door and walked up the stairs. A quick buzzer push later and I was invited inside the Den. I made my way to the front desk and after paying my donation of $320.00 for the hour I heard the sound of heels clicking on the floor. I adjusted my stance while picking up the can of Coke Zero set before me while looking up and saw Sugar Fox come over, plant a big kiss on each cheek and then give me a big hug. “Hi, I’m Sugar” and with that we walked hand in hand inside room #2.

After walking in I took off my jacket and pulled Sugar closer to me and we locked in a very tight embrace. I dove in for a kiss but was told that she never kisses on the first date. I settled for her cheek instead and then Sugar gave me three options. One was me in the shower by myself, two was both of us in the shower and well I don’t remember the third as she then gave me a little strip show while disrobing herself and I forgot all about counting numbers. We made our way to the shower together and then Sugar hopped in and adjusted the water temperature. We slipped inside and then Sugar sudsed me up and then proceeded to rub her large D boobs all over me to make sure we were both super squeaky clean! Our attention then turned when she herself rotated 180 and then backed her nice dancer ass right to meet the Banana who was more than happy to meet a new friend! We then rinsed off and hopped out of the shower and dried ourselves off.

Sugar then told me to sit down in the chair; she had a surprise lap dance for me. Me loving lap dances didn’t say no and soon I was getting a very close bump and grind from a blond hottie, but unlike the last lap dance I had this time we were both naked. Soon she slid down and her hand traversed to the now rather interested Banana and with a smirk started to HJ a bit, when I suggested that we move on to the round queen size four post bed with a black silk sheet on it and a red cloth runner going down the middle. I lied back and then Sugar jumped on me and straddled me with her powerful legs. Some erotic clawing and playing ensued and then she was sliding down to greet the Banana again. Sugar then started some very nice BLS and HJ while teasing me by almost taking in the Banana, but then pulling back, what a tease! Soon she grabbed a cover and slid it on and then took the Banana down all the way very enthusiastically! Sugar gave a decent CBJ while playing with my boys and lightly clawing and scratching my inner thighs which felt amazing. After about 4 minutes of this she got up, applied more lube to the now much enlarged Banana and then slid on and mounted herself for some cowgirl. We slipped into a rhythm of energetic sexual prowlness with our bodies seemingly conversing to each other, telling the other what it wanted. We started to elevate the temperature of the room when I noticed that Sugars moans were starting to get louder and louder. I pumped extra hard and soon the room was filled with a loud moan and I felt her contract around my hardness all while we locked eyes together. The sheer passion of the situation was enough to make me explode as well simultaneously. She started to shake a little and we both slowed down, then she fell to my shoulder and we both caught our breaths.

Sugar then climbed off of me and out of the bed to the shower where she retrieved a cloth, wet it and cleaned me up to make sure I was perfectly good, then she cleaned herself while still panting. She then lied beside me and we resumed our conversation where we had left off. I discovered that we had a few things in common and we compared notes on foreign restaurants and hotels across the world to local issues and things related to all people. I quite enjoyed our conversations and was surprised at how fast the hour went. After we had been informed of our time expiring we both got up, locked arms once again and then got dressed. Sugar then went into the hallway and made sure no one was around and then gave me the all clear. She then walked me to the back door and we hugged one last time and then she opened the door and watched me descend the stairs down to the street level. I walked briskly to my truck as it was starting to rain but I didn’t care, I had just had a great time with a woman who is not only mentally sharp but who has the body of a porn star and the enthusiasm to match. Dare I say a future Fox Den star?

Repeat: Yes
Donation Information: $320 for the hour
Contact information: 604-669-9475 or


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Joined Mar 27, 2010
Messages 316
*This review is from last year, but she is still a current girl so I though I'd import it.

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