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I did this review on the other board so I'll do it here also for my first review.

I like to hobby Monday's because it's typically slow at some spas especially on a rainy night. Both girls we're busy so I went to pacific mall and grabbed some noodles to eat before venturing back . About an hour later the parking lot was nearly empty and it looked like a good time to walk up the stairs.
Most of the time I see Amy who is a very cute petite Asian girl , but what greeted at the door was a very sexy lean again girl jasmine and Amy. Both with great big smiles , i couldn't choose so I ask myself why not ask if both would massage me. Maybe the rainy cool weather Made them and me randy ,They agreed ..

Started off with a shower and laid on the table anticipating there return, minutes later they knocked on the door and came in giggling like school girl,got me hard instantly ,lol. A nice slow medium massage by 4 hands for a good 15 minutes on my back ,then rubbing my ass ,the tickling and reach under by 2 hands ,1 gently grabbing my sack and the other stroking Chester. Shit nearly lost it there

I flipped over and ask them to remove there clothes. What a site to see. 1 sexy tall and lean the other petite and tight in there birthday suits. Lots of acronyms, boobs , ass, pussy everywhere the smell of 2 woman wow. Lost the battle 10 minutes later. Took a shower kissed them both gave them 100$ each and went home exhausted. Lucky the wife was at her moms.
My first dual , Sorry for the long review. Next time it will be shorter. Ymmv.


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