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REVIEW Sophia @ Studio 409 Review

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Ok, I really gotta stop this. Hopefully this is my last time visiting an MP for a while. The overall value cannot compare to the good agencies we have in T.O. But since I am literally working beside 2 well known MPs in North York, my impulses have got the better of me the last 2 days. I have heard from some people that Platinum Spa nearby had hotter ladies and was just 5 minute walk from where I am. I jetted over there on lunch and had a few girls in mind from the web site such as Ariel, Shakira and Brittney who were on that day. I asked the manager if she had any recommendations with regards to good massages and service and she stonewalled me and gave me the company line. Shakira was booked solid for the entire day so she brings out 2 girls to say hi including Brittney who is very hot but had that bitchy demeanour and my instinct said dont waste your time here. Bye bye i say and bolt.

Off I go to Studio 409 and they get the ladies on shift to walk out and say hello. First I see Nina, who is Anna's cousin. She is really cute and prettier than Anna so I choose her. Once she gets in the room though she seems much colder than her cousin and pretty much her attitude was a real turn off. She can really learn a thing or 2 from Anna. I Waived her off and in comes Sophia, a sexy looking Croatian blonde with a heavy EE accent. Great body, soft in some areas but very proportional. A nice bum to grab too. She used to strip (not sure where) and I would say a flaw in her performance is she goes a bit ovecommunity with the actresss routine which you can tell comes from that dancing background. Otherwise though she is friendly and made it a fun session. I took the bodyslide which was pretty good because I find her EE qualities very sexy. She has no tats or piercing which is how i like it. Overall a good time but I would have to give the nod to Anna when it comes to technique and eroticism. After leaving I think to myself.... enough.... no more MPs .... time to get back to the SP list when time and cash allows. PM me if you want to know more.

Face: 7.5
Body: 8
Performance: 7.5
Attitude: 8
Damage: $40 door fee +$100 for bodyslide


I'd like to check out Studio 409 too some day.

I hear that some if not most MPAs don't really like to 'walk the parade' as you can only judge by looks and not by their personality or service level.


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From MPs yes, my few visits has due to random coincidences the past few weeks. I am an SP guy all the way and beleive they are way more worth the cash. Better accomodations, better selection of good looking ladies and wayyyyy better service options. That said, I still may pop in to an MP here or there when that's the only good option available.
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