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Something you Realised Later than Never

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# 1 Women are users. They take from victim #1 and then move onto victim #2.

#2 Central banks control all the wealth in a nation - they control every economic transaction that involves currency, interest rates etc.


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I should have listened to my elders before making so many mistakes they warned me about.


When a veterinarian diagnosis your dog, question the diagnosis, get other opinions and DO NOT allow any treatment until that diagnosis is 1000% confirmed!


Don't fall in love with men who are married to someone else.


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Love at first sight is just infatuation.......real love takes time to get to really know someone.

Marriage sucks.
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I learned the world is a very big place yet a small place in this universe. This small place called canada is overrated.

I learned that I'd have more opportunities in life, in this world, across the seven seas:yahoo:
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