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IN-Call Sofia @ Mirage my new ATF

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Will try to keep this short (I hope) cause need only one sentence to describe my experience with Sofia.

She gave me the best PSE experience I have ever had.

Her exotic great looks and her genuine personality are combinations matched by few. Entered room warm hug and light kiss and I said Wow you are a super hot babe. Mandatory shower she is sitting on the bed with sexy bra and panties with those huge breasts waiting to escape. Nice talk very friendly and intelligent woman. DFK like high school kids for long period of time started sitting down then gently lying down and she would not let go of my lips. Digits in the process and guys found another digit Queen. She moans softly with dirty talk in the process Wow what a turn on.

She takes JR123 and begins a wicket unbelievable BBBJ with DT action and can hold it for seconds. 69 with daty/digits finger up her ass almost had be so had to slow down, Wow what an experience. Then put her on her back for more Daty and digits that is when her body begun trembling her legs crossed over my head and her love juice over my face, another Wow. She then moves her ass to my tonge and first time in my life I rim her :???:

Sock goes on she sucks me for another five minutes with the opened condom in her hand and this time I gently face fuck her and she responds with soft moans.

Mish time and with her hands she holds her toes and stretches her legs a wide as possible, fuck me fuck me she tells me Wow, harder harder. Knowing Greek on the menu I entered her through Mish and she responded by shaking her ass even more and taking it all like a true champ. About to expote gave her my big load in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

Guys she is a must see for all PSE guys, BTW Greek is $100.00 and a repeat for me.


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Awesome review BT123. I've also seen Sofia and she is IMHO totally awesome in every way.


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Wow BT awesome review, she's on my TDL and all reviews I've read about her service just show how amazing she is I'm look foward to meeting her soon. Thanks for sharing.


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Excellent review, I have her on the list for her awesome PSE. All reviews are consistent, she is worth seeing for sure.


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Sofia will be my second review on this site, no need to post my old ones. Thanks for adding her to my TDL BT123.


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Amazing review BT123 $100 for Greek way to high for me.

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Awesome review, BT123. That was such a hot, steamy and sweaty session. Sofia is now on my TDL

I've got to see this babe!



Nice one BT123 - Sofia is a truly amazing woman and a spectacular SP experience. I had the honour of being her very first client when she came into the biz and was left dumbfounded by her raw talent and intiuitive much so that I was compelled to do two PSE duos with her - one with Julia and one with Amanda...emerged from each of those two sessions a completely changed man.:lol:

King21 - dude! What are freakin' waiting for!? BT and I can guarantee that if you do see Sofia for one of your marathons, not only will she outlast you, you'll be ruined for any other SP for the rest of your hobby life....I think from an intensity perspective, she must be genetically related to Sebelle somehow!

_ _

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BT, Sofia is absolutely amazing. She is one of our ATFs as well. Next visit to GTA cant cum soon enough. Soifa is on the MUST SEE AGAIN list!!!


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Glad you had such a memorable time with this scorcher BT, her BBBJ, DT and CIM play are amongst the very best!


Beenthere123 said:
She gave me the best PSE experience I have ever had.

You're welcome.

(You might recall that I was Sofia's very first client ever in the industry. Apparently now corrupted for life as a result LOL!) :cool:
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