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So MacDonald's staff wanted to get paid $15 per hour.

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Joined Apr 11, 2011
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Here is their replacements.



I hear they cost over $20 per hour to operate and maintain so where is the savings?.
Joined Feb 12, 2015
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Banks have done it...and every automotive job. Robots are slowly taking jobs. Now its up to us to choose not to use them or accept it. There will always be work, times are changing. :) Guess this gives a whole new meaning to "The idiot who took my order fucked up"
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Remember how everyone thought bank tellers would lose their jobs after the bank machines were put in place?.

Think again.


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It's simple supply and demand.....people don't seem to mind when there's plenty of Oil and gas prices go down. Why can't they see that the same thing happens when you have lots of unskilled people out there looking for jobs. If an employer can find what s/he needs for $5/hr, why would s/he pay more? Who goes out and buys the most expensive gasoline in town just to make sure the employees of the gasoline company still have jobs?

It's the damned idea of helping people at someone else's expense. Somebody has to help the poor. Somebody has to help the illegal aliens, the this, that and the other. It should be "I'm going to help the needy and try to get others to help as well". But everyone who talks about living wages probably isn't the one who's running a business and trying to make ends meet so they don't have to shut down. The liberals are the is there even one rich liberal? If they stand behind the idea of equality, then they shouldn't be making more money than those at the bottom, right? How many have given away their fortunes and lived off of $100k/year??????? Hypocrisy!


As long as our SP keep using their bodily talent. Frankly it doesn't matter to me.

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