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So is swearing at other members here allowed?.

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I guess it comes down to how it is meant.

One can call MM a degenerate asshole with delusion of grandeur and no one blinks.

Say the C word in a negative context and that is not cool, nor should it be


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You can say anything you damn well please to me, provided you're having sex with me :)


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Stoner said:
Smoke a joint, God.

I think he's trying to get his joint smoked. :biggrin2:

Call me what you will....words don't hurt me. I don't feel I need to call people names. When I do, I'm just trying to be funny. I try not to do it in serious conversations.
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You all remember the big argument TBOY and another member had about the word cunt?. Search for it.


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Don't confuse me because you might be disappointed when you unzip my pants.


You are a cunt ;/Waving://

Thank you:),lol. insulting or being hurtful or bashing shouldn't be allowed, and I hope would be interrupted by most members but just because someone is swearing doesn't necessarily mean they are being mean.
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Swearing is part of life, deal with it. Just don't swear at the ladies. The ladies get all my love the dudes might get a few cuss words, it's just the way it is.
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