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Slaying Sacred Cows

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Today I was triggered in yoga training and me in attack mode is a ferocious experience and I often forget that "regular" souls can find my searing cutting confrontational style rather intense. And I was holding back from the full force of my displeasure today too, imagine had I truly let loose. It amazes me that I get accused of shouting when in reality I am speaking in a loud, pointed and direct manner, and pointing out the phallacies in their philosophical arguments. I have always had a talent for debate and a excellent bullshit meter. I also have a skill in pointing out incongruencies in rationalizations.

So what triggered me you ask? I am not one for the cult of celebrity, nor the seeking of truth from gurus, so when asked to view videos of a number of "rockstar" yogis and offer my opinion and did so, I inadvertently slayed a sacred cow and in so doing a political altercation of immense proportions. I hate dogma having been raised in a seriously strict Dutch Catholic family, I left that mode of religion a long time ago, so I am NOT keen to get involved with any philosophy which subscribes to rigid modes of thinking. So when I expressed my view that this one particular popular guru was just a "self-righteous hippie" with her militant vegan viewpoint she insists on shoving down people's throats in her videos, I rather incited a vengence of response. Oddly enough, I am vegan myself mostly, lol.... but I hate dogma so much that any old cunt who tells me I am not yogi unless I fully subsribe to her militant philosophical teachings tends to get my back up and then I let loose, and I did, and the shit hit the fan, and I was persona non grata from then on out.

Most of the women in the intensive are in their 20's and many left the room crying as apparently my ferocious angry defense of my perspective "triggered" them .... But I am not sorry for it. I feel a degree of responsibility as a mature intelligent woman, and I don't want these young women to buy into any bullshit claiming to offer answers and truth without fully questioning it. There are abundant ways to truth of which yoga philosophy is one... but it is not the only one, and dogmatic thinking regardless of it's warm fuzzy or left leaning sentiments is as harmful in my opinion as any fundamentalist conservative religious teachings. But the subtlety of my perspective regarding dogma was entirely lost and I got accused of be judgemental and a resistant carnivore.... which despite pointing out several times that I am also vegan, was not being heard regardless. So eventually I had to sit in silence, bite my tongue as the teacher pointedly shamed me, and reiterated her dogmatic vegan perspective and I just thought to myself.... "fuck it, fuck them all.... She can say what she wants, but no way, no how are they going to force me to buy into their bullshit philosophy if it doesn't serve me." And with that and a happily parting "fuck you" finger I exited the building.



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That kinda turned me on. I am impervious to dogma and celebrity culture I hope. Could not care less if anyone shares my views on just about anything. I am not one to stand up and debate the idiocy but I love to see those who do it well do so. I may or may not share your views but I love your passion! Don't let them beat you down, sounds like you have fallen into a cult of stepford yogaists. Is that a word? Will this be available on u tube?


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Welcome to the point of view some of us have on individual liberty. :biggrin2:
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