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IN-Call Sidney @ RM my new favorite babe.

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Sydney's awesome

Sydney's awesome

I just wanted to add to this thread as I've seen Sydney many times in the past. She is indeed Cameron from DIVA and I've known her for over a year, since she was an indy working out of a posh downtown hotel/condo.

She DFK's with the best of them and just loves sex, so pleasing her mate in pretty much any way that he wants is not a problem for her at all. She's also very down-to-earth, so getting along with her is very easy unless, of course, you are an asshole and don't treat her with respect.

BTW - you can thank me for her being at RM...I suggested it to her when she was looking to leave DIVA :mrgreen:

Cheers boys...very glad I found this forum from link on RM's site.



elassowipo1 said:
Apparently Sydney used to be Cameron @ Diva. I recall her past reviews were very positive as well.

I have been trying to book Cameron forever!! Glad to hear she's still around as I finally gave up about a month ago to book her with Diva, the last time was the last big snowstorm and she cancelled cuz she didn't want to drive when the storm hit...fuggin' snow..

olayda said:
....I ask her if she does Gomes....

:lol::lol:......You're getting pretty hilarious in your old age buddy.

That was a sweet review, nice job. So tempting,but I don't know if I have any room on my TDL

btw..the puppy dog eyes work every time. Practice in the mirror lads ( I'm sure BT does )

HAHAHA...This is should be added along with "The Rayden" the flip, lick and POP. Gomes you rival my penchant for anal, I'm just not as open as you buddy!!

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