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ShowPark Market - Prague - Mischa - 10-27-21

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After our visit at GT Linz me & my buddies drove to Prague for a much needed break . I alone had had sessions with 12 girls at various clubs so far on our road trip & my buddies about the same number. We spent the day sight seeing & then had a nice feast of various meat & beer at a local Brewery/Beerhall .

Later that evening me & one of my friends decided to check out some of the local action so we caught a Tram & went to Showpark Market . Entry fee was 390 CZK ( about 16 euros) . This place has a strip club downstairs but upstairs is where all the real action is. There is a large bar area with tables & couches in the center with a row of 6 computers off to one side. From the bar area there is a hallway to one side that goes around in a big square with maybe 30+ doors to small rooms off of that. On the other side is an even larger area that also has a big square walkway but there are also some side walkways that makes this side sorta like a maze when you are walking around it. In this club you can either sit at a computer and check out the girls pics & bios & get their room # or you can just walk the halls & talk to any girl who has their door open.

We started out with the computers & then went to the smaller side hallway. Most of the doors were closed but then as I walked past one room a girl named Caprice with huge fake tits grabbed my arm . She asked where we were from then pulled me into her rubbing her huge titties against me. Without asking she then told me for 2000CZK I could have a nice time with her for 20 min or 30 minutes for 2500CZK. I told her maybe later & tried to leave but she turns and starts pushing her ass into my crotch . At this point my buddy is laughing his ass off . I finally broke free & got away. She was the only girl who did this . All the others we talked to were a lot more restrained .

Next we headed to the larger maze area and found more girls there. My buddy talked to Nikol who interested him at 2500czk for 30 min but all her services were covered . He told me that after all the women last week he didn't think a CBJ would do much for him. As I talked to a handful of other girls it seemed that no one at this club was doing BBBJ's , even if offered extra. At the far corner of the maze I talked to a pretty but very shy blonde . Her name was Mischa & she was about 5'6" with a soft slender body with slightly hanging large B's. I had a problem hearing her as she only spoke in almost a whisper . When I tried to ask her details she told me to come in the room & she closed the door. Again no BBBJ to be had but Daty was OK. I asked the price and she took her phone out showing me the number 1300 CZK . My 1st thought was there had to be catch but I always like a bargain so I took a chance & went for it.

Mischa asked me to take a shower in the tiny 3' x 3' stall in the corner . After drying off she had me get on the 4' x 6' bed and she joined me. She knelt between my legs and after some hand massaging she applied a condom for a CBJ. Her BJ skills were pretty good and I was enjoying it but her long blonde hair blocked my view. I asked her to do some 69 and after some jockeying around we moved diagonally on the bed . Mischa used only her mouth with her hands off to the side . I started off with a long licking motion before I held onto her firm petite ass pulling her pussy onto my tongue. I spent some time enjoying her tasty pussy and from her very tiny grunting noises she was liking it also.

After the 69 Mischa moved her body down and began Reverse CG putting on a nice show for me as she leaned forward to increase the length of her stroke. I enjoyed both the view and the feeling of her warm pussy sliding over my Dick. Next we did some Doggy while I leaned forward to massage her soft titties & at the same time go at her from a higher angle. She seemed to like that as her grunting noises got louder . As I was getting close I had her turn for Mish and soon popped. We fucked for quite a long time and when I went to get up Mischa took hold of my arm and told me to lie back & relax while we caught our breaths.

As we calmed down on the bed we talked some. With her blonde hair and features I told her she didn't look Romanian. Mischa told she was Czech & that she was 28 years old. I would have guessed she was around 22 . When I asked why I wasn't able to find any photos of her on the club computers she told me she was new. I think she said she just started the day before.

Despite the CBJ I had a real nice time with this sweetheart . I gave her 1300CZK. Later as we were leaving the club I had 100CZK left in my pocket after paying for drinks so I went back to the Maze & gave her the 100CZK. ( 1400 CZK = $70 E )

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