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Show us tricks or useful ways to make one's life easier.

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Well a tip to make some guys life easier, or more comfortable, when your penis gets cold place it


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ignoring those you find contemptible, makes like easier:) lol!
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CT Tools are the best value, hands down. Better than AutoZone's, better than Advance etc.

Great prices when on sale and lifetime warranty if they break - hand tools.

You can't beat that.

I really respect the MasterCraft brand of wrenches. Excellent value where you can get 30 wrenches for $49 when on sale. All long handle wrenches for extra torque.


cristycurves said:
Well a tip to make some guys life easier, or more comfortable, when your penis gets cold place it

Mmm, but cristycurves, show me a HOT place to put my penis! :heart:

BTW, my what beautiful lips you have!

Al Bumin


Add a little water to your pan, keeps your bacon from splattering.



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Just google "Life hacks" Done.

I'm going to have visions of Christy's lips for a long time to come. :YMAPPLAUSE:


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Rarely do I hail most tech as “useful.” I don’t want a computer in my engine, I get uncomfortable with bots learning my music tastes, and I cannot tell you how much I hate appointment management systems like MindBody when a pencil, eraser, and paper calendar can do the same god damned thing with less bugs.

But I can put my tech ranting aside for a one tracking toy that’s helped me find what every middle-aged nitwit can’t ever seem to find — their keys and phone. I got a tile as a gift last month and am fully all right with giving up my right to privacy just so I know what piece of fucking junk mail is laying over my phone or keys. I’ve had one single tile for less than 30-days and I have found both my phone and keys enough to convince me to tile everything I own, including my cat.

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