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IN-Call Short Review - Britney, Mirage

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Running out of time and need to catch a

Four hours with Britney Tues...
Very extreme, toy-centric, enthusiastic GFE/PSE Session - this girl had REALLY cum into her own recently - very impressive
Amazingly beautiful - would put her #3 at Mirage, top 7 in the GTA facially
Makeup was perfect PSE - false lashes, extreme mascara and liner, ruby lips professionally done, very horny young girl attitude, very naturally wet on contact...
Love the amazons, she's a great 6'5 climb in her spikes - tally ho, lads!
Session was physcially exhausting for us both, and Brit actually took next day off to recover, so Ravi tells me. :lol: Sorry sweets, lots control I guess...but then, so did you!
Great DFK, BBBJ/CIM, facial, light mutual rimming, noisy intense MPOS all over the condo, some physically aggressive play, lots of dirty talk, toys/toys/toys...could go on all day
Three SOGs for me; Britney, see.....:cool:
Anyway - she was terrifically engaging, and at only 21, all woman and then some sexually. Really knows how to charge my battery now after four extended sessions!

Would I repeat? Yup. Time to break out the big guns I think, and take the intensity to that next kinky level...oh wait, I need to catch up to Britney waaayyy up there in the distance ahead of me....:eek:

Thanks beautiful, hope your "little buddy" has now recovered from the over-stimulation, and next time I promise I'll bring some water-wings so as not to get washed away in the flood! Hahaha

Great time, great girl, go see her, you won't be disappointed whether you like Safe GFE, Classic GFE, Full GFE, or even PSE - she's a great girl and an even better babe-alicious SP.

Gotta Fly Boys, same time next week?

Cheers! D.


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4 hours 3 SOG wow I am 27 years old and can't ever dream of possibly doing that again. Excellent review Demien, any SP where ever you are landing to visit?.


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Demien bud, can we switch shoes for one day, you are a machine.


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Demien you call this a short review?, just logged in and afraid to see your others. Great review Sir.

_ _

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Rayden said:
Demien bud, can we switch shoes for one day, you are a machine.

Me first!! Wow, dude, another excellent review. Britney is quickly becoming a star.


Been too busy lately but Mirage is getting my next 3 calls, thanks dude.


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Definitely short review for your standards Demien, but still informative enough to be a useful review.


Britney's been on my radar for quite a while but somehow, she keeps being forgotten :( Not now :) Thanks Demien..nice review and she sounds awesome.


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Wow amazing review Demien, what's your advice Lola or Britney? Who should I see first? Thanks.


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theman said:
Demien what was the highlight of your encounter with her, you had so many but what impressed you the most.

Her link

For me Britney is drop dead gorgeous, amazing eyes and the perfect "Tinkerbell" blonde hair style that suits and frames her looks perfectly. She has a way of making up her eyes and lips that makes me hard just thinking about it. But she can be a very kinky and enthusiastic lover, which I would say is my highlight.


Wilsonjso said:
Wow amazing review Demien, what's your advice Lola or Britney? Who should I see first? Thanks.



Whoever is available first within your schedule. :lol:
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