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Out-Call Shelly gets more!

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Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is from my POV.
After our initial encounter, Shelly and I have stayed in close contact and we desired a repeat performance of our night together! It was time for another journey together! The girl just can’t help it. I guess that I’m no better because I just can’t get enough of her either! Wow, I wish everyday could be Saturday!
Shelly arrived for our second night together; I opened the door, she entered and to my surprise! Shelly took off her full length jacket and revealed a black bra, garter, panties and stockings! Oh, and a big smile Shelly asked does this push your buttons Big Daddy! Shelly said, “I’ve another gift for you my darling.” I was so surprised this lovely young woman is so thoughtful, she brought me a candle set, and everyday I light it for an hour just to remind of her and the wonderful evenings that we’ve spent together. Shelly, “let’s go to bed because I want your sex!” and I gave her my sex for several hours that night! Yet, again, another wonderful evening with Shelly.
Shelly had yet another surprise for me in the morning. Yes, it was breakfast in bed!

Senor Gomes

Thanks Hof you have in for this SP good for you.


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Hof you sure know how to have a good time, thanks for sharing your second session with her.


HOF been reading your reviews and posts; very unique writing style and a pleasure to read. Keep up the great writing and most of all, the experiences that inspire you.

Also, can you provide a link to the lovely Shelley for the rest of us to ogle her?




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Thanks for the review HOF, I had talked with Shelly in chat she seems like a nice lady and its good to hear you had a good time with her. I also wanted to see her but too bad for me she only does outcalls.

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