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the dharma

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Had the pleaure of seeing this young hottie recently. When I arrived at the spa, she greeted me wearing a sheer black see-through dress, showcasing her beautifully shaped tits and ass. Got in the room, took a quick shower, and hopped on the table. She then proceeded to staddle over my lower back, feeling her warm sweet spot rubbing up against my body, immediately gave me major wood. Shakira's a natural flirt. As she was rubbing her soft delicatate hands on my body, she'd lean over and whisper into my ear 'does this feel good'? 'do you want me to stop'? etc. Meanwhile, my cock is getting cramps from pushing up against the massage table so friggin hard, I couldn't think straight. Bodyslide was great. Shakira's got a hot bod. Great tits and she knows how to give immense pleasure with them. Finished with an explosive russian. Overall, had a fun time. Shakira's got a killer combo of innocent off campus school girl looks and sexy sultry personality. Repeat worthy 9.0

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