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Secret parking ticket exemptions costing millions

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A secret 25-page City of Toronto booklet, containing a list of people, services and streets exempt from paying parking tickets, is costing taxpayers millions of dollars in unpaid fines and should be reviewed, says a veteran councillor.

He added residents from at least two downtown streets are spared tickets due to agreements struck with city officials years ago. The streets designated for exemptions — located near Maple Leaf Gardens — are believed to have been reserved for late Leafs owner Harold Ballard and friends during home games.


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The press will eventually get a hold of the booklet and hell will break loose.


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sunnyway said:
The press will eventually get a hold of the booklet and hell will break loose.

Doubt it will happen, too many top people involved.
Just my 2 cents


The drama of the crooked politicians continue......:arrow:


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Privileges and favours for the elite have always been part of the game and always will. It may not be fair but it happens and it's inevitable.


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