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On my most recent trip to Toronto, which ended but days ago . . . I apologize to my fellow hobbiests for my long absence . . . I was raring to go, let me tell you! Sitting at the computer looking at the lovely young ladies, conversing with my cannon about which one to choose, I was a mess of anxiety and horniness!! As the ladies scrolled by, the cannon peeked his head above the table top, saying in unbroken Scottish “Ohh ya. That one. No, wait. That one!! Or how about . . . ” However, when I passed one particular young lady, the cannon yelled out, “Captain, we have lift-off!!”

The choice was obvious. I called and set up an appointment with one of my Can’t Go Wrong Girls. I called Vanessa at Exquisite and booked Sebelle. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it . . . right??

I had booked with Exquisite only once before and I have to say, Vanessa was a pleasure to deal with. Just like last time, she was courteous, polite, and efficient. Booking was a breeze, and I really appreciated her foresight in giving me directions to the location and the route to take from the elevator. Thanks Vanessa. Fucking girls is my strong suit. Directions to the location and getting to the room . . . not so much. Vanessa was great!!

I went up to the appointed floor, and I must say, I like the upscale location! Again, no knock needed, as I arrived in front of the door, it opened in front of me. For those of you who haven’t met her, Sebelle is a beautiful French Canadian young woman, with sharp entrancing eyes, a beautiful face, full lips, and a wonderful smile. She has a slim, athletic, toned body and fantastic breasts. She was wearing a sexy pair of white fish-net stockings and dainty white lingerie. Thetank liked this very much, and loved that she remembered me!!

Sebelle greeted me with an incredible series of kisses and hugs, led me through a clean, candle-lit condo into a beautifully decorated bedroom that had music playing in the background and candles lit around the room. Impeccably clean, tasteful and classy I have to say.

After a good shower, and some easy banter between rooms, I returned to the bedroom to see this exquisitely beautiful woman on the bed. I gently kissed her gorgeous ass, and slowly moved to her back, shoulders and face. She turned her head to meet mine, and we enjoyed some of the best DFK I have encountered. We tousled on the bed kissing passionately for minutes, while our hands groped gently for one another’s bodies. It was hot and passionate! She directed me to the top of the bed and after slipping off her stockings (and the rest of her clothes) mounted me. Our bodies were entwined, our legs locked together, as we kissed over and over.

She worked her way down my body to my chest and stomach, then back up to my face for more kissing. She returned to my lower body paying special attention to my thighs and “the boys,” before returning for more kissing.

Then she started with the most incredible BBBJ. With flawless softness, with perfect rhythm, she worked the Cannon into a frenzy, first slowly then with more vigour, and then slowly again. I was in awe as the Cannon vanished into her mouth . . . I mean the whole thing was gone! Her technique and increasing/decreasing speed worked me up like never before. She was building the orgasm.

I loved her eye contact too. Her beautiful eyes mischievously met mine and then returned to the Cannon. It was sooo sexy. She was in total control. I . . . thetank . . . was puddy in her hands ohh yet again.

My dick smiled and looked at my balls, mouthing “This girl is the best!” each word sneaking out only as Sebelle reached the head with her tongue. Pausing for a moment, she reached to the top of the bed and took a quick drink. “Oh I remember this from last time . . . . This is going to be a blast!!” What happened next? The beautiful Sebelle went back to BBBJ with a mouth full of ice water. OMFG. It was incredible.

She continued working my Cannon to a frenzy slowly increasing and then decreasing speed, and added her gorgeous breasts into the mix, interspersing her BBBJ with a handjob into her breasts.

With a devilish smile, she stopped and said “We’ll get back to this later.” That was my cue, and on went a raincoat. I pulled her lovely body under me a bit roughly, and slit the cannon in for some missionary work (I always love to give back to the community :) Sebelle took a pounding, loving every second, vocal as ever. Missionary was short lived, however, and I laid her on her stomach and slid into her pussy from behind. What an awesome ass that girl has – heart-shaped and nicely firm. I held her hands above her head with one hand, and reached around under her to hold her pussy with the other, thrusting away all the while. Time well spent if you ask me . . . and way better than playing checkers.

I started to get close, and Sebelle new how much I loved girl on top, so she through my body onto the bed (a strong girl is sexy in thetank’s book) and mounted me, balancing her weight on her feet alone. This girl rode me in crouched cowgirl, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl with incredible skill. There was such perfect control of speed and tightness that again I would have done anything. I have never felt a woman to have such mastery of me. A full length mirror in the corner of the room allowed me to watch her beautiful face and breasts as she rode me in reverse cowgirl. An excellent use of reflective furniture! Kudos to the decorator.

She continued in reverse cowgirl for the next 20 minutes straight!! I watched her gorgeous ass bouncing up and down, and those soft pussy lips wrapped around my Cannon. What a sight! She had total control as well. She worked me close to orgasm with fast, deep thrusts, then slowed down to use shallower thrusts. The beautiful vixen smiled at me, as her hand reached under her to play with the boys while she fucked me.

“Tank, were getting some critical pressures down here. Something’s going to blow!”

The orgasm was delicious, long, and intense, with what felt like 12 gallons of spooch firing out of the old roadster, or I mean the cannon. I yelled out an extended “Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goddddddddd! My apologies to whomever was in the next room . . . and downstairs.

With this orgasm, Sebelle maintained her speed of thrust, but shortened her depth, focusing on the tip of my dick only, and tightened her pussy. OMFG ! As I moaned loudly, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and my body convulsed. I think my heart stopped and part of my frontal lobe melted . . . . but I was OK with that. Sebelle road me like it was nobody’s business. I was fuckin’ Seabiscuit and she was in the saddle. Was she saying “Woa pony!”? I couldn’t tell?

She took every drop and after my seizure abated, hopped off of me and made her way to the bathroom. The Cannon, completely spent, flopped himself over onto my belly and, with his one eye, stared at me through the condom (which was filled with gizz). He smiled weakly and in perfect Scottish said “I like that girl. She knows what she’s doin’” My dick has a talent for understatement. My balls just lay there and said, “Tank, that girl is a Jedi Master. We just got fucked by Yoda.”

Sebelle’s pussy released me from its grip, and she got a warm face cloth and cleaned me up while I basked in the afterglow. What service. She is sexy walking around naked.

I couldn’t manage another SOG, so the last 20 minutes was spent enjoying an outstanding back massage from this naked minx. It was firm yet intimate. Excellent and engaging conversation topped it off. It ended with me lying with my eyes closed sitting with my back against her breasts as she massaged my neck and head. What a treat.

I took a quick shower and after a quick goodbye, I slid out the door. For the rest of the day, I was in a daze. I walked the streets of downtown Toronto with a huge smile on my face.

If you are a serious hobbiest, you just have to see this girl.

Body: 8 (A beautiful woman with an pretty face, nicely modified c-cup breasts with small responsive nipples, and a fantastic ass. She is athletic and nicely toned, but not “skinny.” Super hot!)

Face: 7.5 (Others have complained about her facial beauty, but I think she is pretty, She has the “wow” factor)

Service: 10 (OMFG)

Attitude: 10 (Sexy, smart, fun, and bubbly, this is an enthusiastic girl who is “no attitude.” She had the skill, enthusiasm, and endurance to run this session. OMFG)

Repeat: YES! (This was a repeat and I would repeat again!! She is one of my “Can’t Go Wrong Girls.”)


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Awesome and funny review Tank, I like your writing and I know what do you mean because I walked the streets of downtown Toronto with a huge smile on my face too; everytime I've seen her, she's amazing one of my ATFs, thanks for sharing your repeated experience with her.


Nice review Tank. After my recent session with Sebelle, all you did was flood back all those great memories. Instant wood. :lol:


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i must see Seibelle.

Great review of her...and umm..your cannon...but to be honest I skimmed those parts as I am interested in information about just the girl. :)
thanks bro,
I hope you had a great time in TO.


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Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. I will be moving closer to the GTA in the coming months, so hopefully my reviews will get more regular.


Dapperdon said:
Thanks Tank I missed your reviews and your cannon references !!

New Wave

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Thanks for the review Tank. Sebelle is one of kind person, SP, lover, wild-cat etc.


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Fantastic review Tank and spot on! Sebelle is a tiger that very few can keep up with. She definitley killed me when I saw her and I think I want my rematch :razz:


Damn guys is there not one senior member that have not seen this babe?. Tank what took you so long, another of the elite SP in this industry.
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