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SCAM or something else???

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Ok so I decided to get an escort girl for the first time ever in my life. I live in Niagara region. I contacted a girl I liked and she came, although she looked a lot darker than she did in the pictures, and some of the pictures were fake as it clearly wasn't her. But the main picture was her. So we chatted for a bit as I was nervous, she asked for 2 hours etransfer and I paid her. I wasn't that familiar with e transfers so I logged into easy web and let her do it. I was watching her the whole time. About 20 mins in she said she needed to get lube from her car. I went to the washroom upstairs to see if I have any lube . I was gone for about 30 seconds and left my phone with td easy web still running and my wallet in front of her. When I came back I said I couldn't find any, and she rushed out to get it from her car. I sat on the couch and she was gone completely. I never actually saw what car she came in or even if she was just dropped off. Now my concern is what if she took PICTURES of my visa and debit card and can she spend more money, but she doesn;t know the password?? Another concern is that my SIN was in the wallet..... What should I do?? I cancelled my visa and debit about 3 hours later but nothing was taken. NOW the thing that worries me if I should go to the police is the text that she sent me shortly after she disappeared it said "HELP ME". And I did a bit of googling and saw the stories about human trafficing. BUT then, 15 minutes later I saw thaat she reposted the same ad so I think I have just been scammed and that's it? Any advice???


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I responded to this post in the Ontario section. In a very brief summary, she knew this was new to you & had you as soon as you agreed to transfer money for 2 hours.

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