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Sauna Club Rom - Oct 2019

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Joined Aug 29, 2012
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LTO , Vinnie & I wanted to check out the SaunaClub Rom as none of us had ever been there before . We paid the 50 Euro entry that included a free beer . It was a Monday so we got a card for free entry that was good for 30 Days

LTO took Karen to a room and had a good time for 50 Euros. Vinnie actually remembered the girls names this time. He first took Elaina to room and said he had a very good time with her for 50 Euros. Later he did a room with Karina for 50 Euros but everything was covered.
I decided just to hang out and relax after my great sessions the day before. Later that evening Daisy came over and cuddled up next to me on a couch. I told I was just resting after seeing too many girls the day before. She wanted to go to a room but I told her it was going to take an extra effort to get me going . She said she could do great things with her mouth in the room and then show me a good time. I decided to take a chance.

In the room she wouldn't kiss me so I bent down and kissed one of her tits before trying to move down lower. She stopped me and said no licking her pussy. She then did a BBBJ for a short time before reaching for a condom. I told her I was not even hard enough yet. She sucked for a few more minutes then put on a condom and told me to do doggy. Her pussy was warm & tight as I entered her. After a few minutes she began to push back against me & was moaning loud. I put my hand between on her inner thighs to get some separation from her so I could have some movement as I pumped my dick into her pussy. When I felt warm wetness against my dick I had her flip over on her back.

Daisy applied more lube and I got on top and fucked for a few minutes until I felt another warm wave of wetness that felt really good on my Dick. Usually that makes me pop but this time I needed more stimulation so I fucked on. A few minutes later her pussy was feeling a little dry so I asked for more Lube. That did the trick and I pumped her pussy for a few more minutes with her arms around my back and making moaning sounds. I told her I was getting close and she reached down to massage my balls which were covered with her wetness. Just as I was getting close Daisy yells out "STOP" and then she pushes me off her saying " I'm sorry . I can't do anymore". She then pulls off the condom and I thought she was going to do a BBBJ but instead she starts a HJ. My Dick started to go soft and I told her this wasn't working. She said " I'm sorry" again and got off the bed leaving me just lying there. I waited for a few minutes with her just standing next to the bed . Finally I got up and went to my locker with her following close behind. At the locker I handed her 50E and she gave me an air kiss on my cheek before walking away.
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