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Toronto Girl friends Sasha @ TGF review

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Joined Mar 24, 2010
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Sasha is super chill, easygoing and friendly. She is a pretty, petite, curvy asian girl with great breast, and gorgeous long black hair that hangs down to a sweet round ass . I had messaged her back and forth a bit before the meeting to feel out things and ask her to bring the butt plug featured on her twitter feed.

While I’m not a dom, I’ve been feeling like exploring that a bit. Now in the session I didn’t go there at all, but I did really enjoy how subservient she naturally is. She sensually and generously serviced me without me even having to ask or prompt. Might be fun in the future to explore the verbal side of the instructing more.

We started on the bed, kissing and fondling. I liberated her from her bra and pantys so i could enjoy her sweet breasts and cute ass. I then lay back and Sasha worked her way down my body, caressing me with her long beautiful black hair. It felt awesome brushing across my my chest, my stomach, my cock. She place herself between my legs and like the good girl that she is, she slowly and sensuously started to suck my cock. The sight of her beautiful little mouth around my shaft taking it in and out while her sweet, full tits swayed and brushed against my legs (love that feeling) was so hot. She also paid proper attention to my balls, going back and forth teasing me into more and more excitement.

After enjoying this for a good long time, I wanted to see her down on her knees before me, so i sat on the side of the bed, and had her kneel between me and the mirror. This offered me a wonderful view as she attentively sucked me, of her pretty face, sexy tits, her sweet little pussy and in the mirror, her long dark hair hanging down to her sweet ass. She is obviously good at paying attention and reading her partners cues, cuz she built me up expertly till finally , me grabbing her black hair in my clenched fists, she fucked me good and hard with her mouth till I cum intensely. What a very good girl indeed.

As has become my habit recently, I asked Sasha to give me a back rub, and I must say, it was so good I let her go on for a very long time. Nice and relaxed, I flipped and she placed herself between my legs again and being the good girl she was proving herself to be, she took my cock again between her pretty lips and gave it another good fucking with her sweet, tight mouth.

I wanted to fuck her pussy so I asked her to put on the condom and fuck me. She lowered her tight, sweet pussy down over me and proceeded to fuck me in various sexy ways. We ended in reverse cowgirl, her using short fast movements of her pelvis up and down while I groped and rubbed her splendid ass, till I blew hard a second time.

Unfortunately, I was so caught up in all the various pleasures she was providing for me so generously, I forgot to indulge in some butt plug play or explore some greek with her, which had been my intention. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to see her again.
Joined Jan 9, 2012
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Awesome review Huck. She doesn't look great in her pics.



Joined Feb 28, 2012
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How would you rate her face and body.

Do like what she gives for service though.
Joined Mar 24, 2010
Messages 198
How would you rate her face and body.

Do like what she gives for service though.

Not eally big on ratings as it all subjective really. I'd describe her as a cute asian GND who provides great service. Like I said above... Best thing to do is check her out on twitter... lots of selfies posted that give you a good idea of what you will experience in the room.


Joined Mar 3, 2012
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Awesome review Huck. She doesn't look great in her pics.

I realize looks and beauty are subjective but honestly... she looks pretty amazing in her pictures.
And I concur with everyone else, when you compare them to her twitter feed, they don't do her justice.
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