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Joined Dec 8, 2009
Messages 165
As always, this was my experience and YMMV....

Nikki recommended me to see Salem and she was on my TDL thanks to demien2k5 review last year, but never got to see her,so this time i jumped at the opportunity. Thanks Nikki for hooking me up!

i walked into Roommates and was greeted by Kylie with a big kiss and hug.. oh i wish i could right a review on her boys... i love seeing kylie. but anyway see led me to room and told me Salem was in shower and will be right with me.
At this point i had a good semi already just from Kylie , She leaves and min after the bedroom doors opens. WOW That is all i can say!! I am breathless.. She is around 5"7 tall , dirty blond, juiciest lips i ever seen
great smile, big beautiful green bedroom eyes, big beautiful breast, small waist and long.long legs in nice high heels! As her open slit nitie revealed.

Now normally i was seeing small Asian type girls not as tall and busty , but Salem looked like something out of Hugh Hefner's Harem.. even better looking than most of them since her tits are real.

I immediately stood up and she quickly complimented me only nice Jeans and Affliction t shirt.. lol.. I'm like super man i do a quick change in my car before i head up to see my girls.. like on a date...i find the first impression set a great mood for the session.

Anyway she made me feel good right from the start.. i rush to shower, mouthwash, and head back . she is lying on bed with her satin robe opened revealing one voluptuous figure.. i can't wait so i straddle her in (i guess Cow Boy)lol.. position and she pulls me down to begin some passionate DFK.. she began moaning soon as i started touching her.

She has amazing full lips and when i told her how much i enjoyed kissing them she whispered in my ear "wait till my lips are sucking you cock" ... holy shit i almost blew my load right there and then!

Not being a tit man i couldn't understand the urge i had in my self as i was dying to take her bra off and see them, so i did.
Nicest Tits i have ever sucked on and Natural boys!! beautiful soft yet firm.. i couldn't get my mouth off them.
Her moaning got more intense and getting quit loud.. as she pushed my shoulders guiding me down to visit the other lips below. I removed her underwear and spread her legs and put them over my shoulder and went to town.. what a tasty clean smooth pussy!!

She is probably one of the most responsive to daty i have had in a long time. i began gently but wasn't long before she put my me in a head lock and thrust her pussy into my face and began shaking and moaning to a climax which actually wet my face, then she pulled away said was too sensitive .. but i wasn't finished lol.. i wanted more!! not often i really get that kind of pussy juice form an SP. She said she has been off for a long time and hasn't had much sex so really horny . Great for me!!!

She turned to me and said it was her turn to pls and we reversed position.she began kissing and liking her pussy juice off my face, then went to my nipples and sucked on them while stroking my cock.. then began BBJ,bls and kept trying different things and asking me what i liked.. she said she really wanted to please me .

I'm not much for DT and ball licking so i just said just concentrate on the knob baby.. few minutes of her many techniques brought me close to explosion , so i asked for cover and off i went. boy she was Horny and asked for me to fck her hard and deep.. wow nice request!!

We started with cow girl, then reverse cow girl, then missionary, then "Beastal Position" ...Beastal is when you put her legs over you shoulders in missionary then push forward so her knees are touching her chin and go going air born with each thrust.. its a hard fuck if girls want it deep and hard.!

Then went to doggy and what a site in the mirror with those natural tits swaying with each thrust. I actually stopped for a few minutes while in doggy with my cock still inside her to see how she would fuck me back, and she pushed back so hard she almost knocked me back off the bed since since i was on my i began pounding back and with her moaning and way she fcked me back i grabbed her beautiful ankles finished my first shot in the Italian Wheelbarrow doggy position! wow holding up her legs by the ankles while deep thrusting was amazing.

We both fell to bed with exhaustion and i think that was one of best fcking sessions i have ever had! it was a like a scene out of 91/2 weeks .
She lay on my chest for a bit we talked and got to know each other . What a sweet girl.. just an amazing personality!

After while she began sensual DFK and whispered that she was going to show me what else her nice lips are for... she began BBJ and got me hard and with record time gave me one of the best BBJCIM i have had!! And i have had some of the best!!

WOW.. she is one cool beautiful and sexual girl!! I can't wait to go back, she cleaned me up, i got dressed as i hugged her on my way out she began to DFK me again giving me another hard on.. i asked for another half hour cause i was ready for 3rd SOG but she had to catch her ride home.

I now realize that even if you think a girl may not be your type,if she has a great personality , attitude and genuine willingness to pls a man, you may wind up with a very pleasant surprise like i did.

Pls respect her and treat her nice, Salem was very appreciative of my excellent hygiene and the respect i gave her in treating her like the classy lady she is, treat her well guys she is a very special girl and fits perfectly with the Roommates class of women.

I left with the most amazing pussy high.. actually got off on the wrong floor twice and finally left building to join rest of Goodfellas for fine wine, food and to share our session details we just had!
Sorry about the explicit details and length of this review, but i still have that nice pussy high Salem gave me.


Joined May 21, 2010
Messages 4,438
Outstanding review opsoprano she geta an A for service from me.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 18, 2010
Messages 660
Ha Ha. thank you osoprano for a very entertaining and fun to read review.


Well-known member
Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 139
Wow Wow Wow Hot review Opso, this is the first review I read of Salem and she is a keeper.


Well-known member
Joined Nov 12, 2009
Messages 2,650
Awesome review Opso, is it true that her lips are so beautiful as Angelina Jolie's lips? Thanks for sharing your experience with her.


Well-known member
Joined Dec 8, 2009
Messages 165
Wilsonjso said:
Awesome review Opso, is it true that her lips are so beautiful as Angelina Jolie's lips? Thanks for sharing your experience with her.

yes definelty true!! amazing Jolie style lips!! only way younger


Damn you are such a sick pervert :mrgreen: Awesome and friecken funny review bud.

first shot in the Italian Wheelbarrow doggy position! Gotta love that :)



Senior Member
Joined Apr 2, 2010
Messages 81
salem is one incredibly hot woman. i don't think she's been on schedule for a while and if she's back then that is certainly good news. highly recommended.

Me again

Well-known member
Joined May 21, 2010
Messages 398
Glad Salem keeps giving great service, she is a must see. Opsoprano your review mirros my session with Salem.


Well-known member
Joined Dec 8, 2009
Messages 165
Me again said:
Glad Salem keeps giving great service, she is a must see. Opsoprano your review mirros my session with Salem.

Great group of pussy loving support here.. always a pleasure sharing my experiences with you all! and ready about yours!!
Oh just notice my 69 post... love that position!


Well-known member
Joined Dec 29, 2009
Messages 84
Nice one soprano Salem is very good at what she does and luuuves to please.

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