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Jessica Rain

Joined Aug 12, 2014
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This was posted on another private forum I am apart of so I thought I would bring it here as well.

Also mentioned by others, quote because she made a great list

One point I disagree on is meeting first in a public area before going to a hotel. Recipe for disaster unless he prepays.

If you have a landline at your incall location, make sure it's unlisted both the phone book AND online. Most of us don't use landlines anymore, but for those that do, make sure it's unlisted. Reverse search your address to make sure.

Regularly Google your name and number. Both civilian and work.

If you are on social media, keep your settings as private as you can. Too many guys find our civilian name this way. Don't ever use a photo on your civilian accounts that you use on your work profiles. I go as far as to not mix civilian vs work on the same device. So, my work phone does not have my civilian social media or emails on it.

Pictures taken on your phone. I don't fully understand it, but turn off the location on your phone as it will embed your location on it and a hacker can see it. Again, don't understand it, but mod posted something on it as a sticky.

If you work alone, have someone know where you are going. Even if your call your voicemail to leave a message.At least this way the police have a starting point if something goes wrong. I call it leaving a breadcrumb trail. I call my voice mail to say where Im going, what time name etc.

There is an app that immediately starts recording video/audio for different situations. I can't remember what's it's called, but great for those that work alone.

Remember, if on an outcall, make noise, break a window anything if things go wrong. Look for hidden cameras, people hiding in closets. Take that time to make sure you are safe.

Get in the habit of seeing any identifying marks to id him. Height, weight, glasses, facial hair, tattoos, voice. I'm the worst for remembering names AND faces, so I had to really learn to do this. I remember after a bad call, a friend asked me what he looked like and I drew a blank. So now everytime I go through my list to remember these important details. If things go well, no issue. However, it's to remember them (don't they start to blur together after a while?)

Don't ever text or email your address. Too many guys forget to delete their history, and you might have an angry wife show up at your address one day.

Use a 2 step confirmation system. Given them the general location, then they call back for the final details. If they don't have a cell phone, get them to go to a specific pay phone that you already know the number. I go to the paypho e and call my number to see the number on my call display. This way you know they are really there.

I know I have more, so will update as I remember.

And lastly, I have opinions on camera use.

I know this goes against the grain for most men, but video. Get video. If you have a secure incall, get security cameras. If doing outcalls, body cam, and if doing hotels, a GoPro would work. Obviously, you will have to be discrete and hide them. I don't hide mine, but I don't tell them I have them. One client figured it out after seeing me for 3 months. LOL apparently they don't look up.

The video is only meant to capture the person walking in, or you meeting them at the door. For me, I can get video of their car, Plate #, their face. I get a video snap of 5 pics when they walk in the door as well.

We can do all the things we need to in order to try and make sure the call is safe, but when it goes wrong - we are not left with much, and not a lot to give to police. Especially for those who don't screen, take text apps, etc.

Video helps the cops and video helps you with the cops. Helps them know you are serious, you will follow through and that you will hold them equally accountable to ensure they do their job.

I am also talking with a few ladies and we are hoping to put together a screening list. Lists of different screening options, reasons why, copy and paste responses to give to clients who complain or use some standard excuses.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contribute there, or PM me.
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