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Well-known member
Joined Mar 10, 2010
Messages 94
I have always wanted to screw one of my high school teachers, she was a mean bitch!! And now I want to have Teacher/Student role play game. Any recommendation for SP?

What is your role playing ideas and if you had one how did it go?

a 1 player

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Joined Jun 6, 2010
Messages 4,905
Never done it with an SP, but often with my SO. Some of them can be quite extravagant, and take a long time to prepare for. Cool, now I know what I'm going to do this weekend. Thanks for the idea.

the dharma

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Joined Feb 8, 2010
Messages 114
Power executive & hot sexy secretary scenario gets me hot. Her wearing a see through blouse, sheer stockings, 3" black pumps bent-over a desk with me tugging her hair, slapping her ass, dropping a big sticky load :)


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Joined Nov 11, 2009
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JackassJack said:
Genevieve or Molly would do perfect mean bitch teacher role play
I think Molly would be great, but I suck at role-playing. I can only be a bitch in real life.
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