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Joined Jul 9, 2013
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Hello folks,

I was just spending a moment in the cyber world yesterday when I got aware of Robyn... and that she would be available in the downtown area.

Contacted Jersey Girls and -thank the gods - she would be available. So we set up the time to meet with this girl.

Got to the location (hotel, downtown). She was ready. Got up on the elevator and when Robyn opened the door... man... I almost fainted.

Her beauty... angelic. Oh boy... what a beautiful face... and her smile. Folks, the most cold-hearted would drop to his knees when looking at her smile.

And incredibly friendly attitude... and an amazing lingerie set. VERY sexy.

Folks... I was in heaven. I was trying to recap the last hour before I got to that bed where I was sitting besides her... because maybe I was hit by a car or a piano fell on my head or something happened and I died before I got to the location. I was in disbelief. We chat for a bit and I was just falling more for under her charming personality... I had to jump into shower and get a cold one... ASAP... I was starting to lose myself in her beauty... her mesmerizing brown (hazel-ish) eyes... and yeah, in that fair skin GORGEOUS body of her: Natural, amazing, breasts (34 H) and an amazing, perfectly shaped derriere. Wow... such an hourglass figure.

After jumping into the shower and regaining control of myself got back to meet her. We continued our conversation and then we started kissing... softly... then more passionate. Her bra went off... sitting on the bed we started to feel each other's body getting closer. DFK, more intense. Hands exploring each other's body. I laid her down and my mouth and lips starting to explore her body... from the neck down. She was enjoying it and that was an invitation to continue. Panties off and suddenly I found myself having a delightful DATY. Mutually enjoyed. After a minute break for her to recover, the kissing started again and it was her turn to head down... for an amazing BBBJ. She took care of all the area down there, using her hands occasionally. We could have continued like that until the end, but... no. That body of hers was making me think of other things. (Even when I must say that I struggling to think clearly) Protection... on... and moved into doggy, which was definitely, mutually enjoyed. We lay down and chat a bit more while recovering our breathe. She is such a sweetheart... such a pleasure to be around, no doubt.

Beautiful, young, super friendly and open-minded (no trips to the the greek islands tho; or nothing that have to do with that geographical area). Overall, a fantastic companion. It's hard to believe that she's new to the industry. So... folks, please treat her well and be nice... she's definitely a girl that we would like to keep around for a bit and not to scare away.

Am I seeing her again? Hell yeah! And soon.... very, very soon.

(And Danny... I AM marrying her, ok?!)


Joined Jun 16, 2010
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JS, enjoyed your review of Robyn –thanks. BTW, you are too young to be engaged –LOL…
Joined May 2, 2014
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Robyn sound awesome. Jersey Girls has really picked up their game recently with an expanding roster.
Joined Nov 16, 2009
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Her beauty... angelic. Oh boy... what a beautiful face... and her smile. Folks, the most cold-hearted would drop to his knees when looking at her smile.

Outstanding review. I could tell she would be a beauty, just from her partial photos with her enchanting smile.


Joined Mar 4, 2011
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Nice review! Would you say she's in same league as Carmen of Mirage? Facial beauty and full, curvy body?
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