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Rob Ford's Toronto. Guess how many promises he will keep.

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Joined Aug 20, 2010
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I say maybe 4, you guys?.

End the Personal Vehicle Tax: Ford told the Sun scrapping the $60 tax - charged to every Torontonian every year when they register a vehicle - will be the first thing he will tackle. He wants it gone by 2011.
Kill the Land Transfer Tax: Ford wants Toronto's municipal land transfer tax scrapped by 2012.
Property Tax?: We'll have to see what Ford will do to our property taxes. He has not committed to an increase, decrease or freeze.
TTC: End of the line for strikes. Ford has vowed to make the TTC an "essential service."
Subways: Goodbye Transit City. Ford campaigned on taking the provincial Transit City money and reallocating it to build subways, completing the Sheppard Line from Downsview to Scarborough Town Centre and extending the Bloor-Danforth line to Scarborough Town Centre.
Streetcars: Ford has vowed to rip streetcars off arterial roads and replace them with buses. Red Rockets will still be roaming along the St. Clair right-of-way and other spots where the infrastructure has already been built.
Bikes: Believe it or not, the right-winger does want bike lines. Ford pledged to use $55 million for a network of off-road bike/jogging paths across the city. He wants bike lines on roads where they "make sense."
Garbage: Rats! No more garbage strikes. Ford has vowed to contract out garbage once collective agreements expire.
Police: Mayor Rob pledged he'd put 100 more cops on Toronto's streets.
Graffiti: The other G-word. During the campaign Ford lamented graffiti almost as much as he cried foul over the gravy train. Ford has vowed to declare war on graffiti. He wants city buildings to set the standard for removal. He wants other property owners to clean it up or face penalties and he wants a crackdown on those caught tagging Toronto's streets.
Budget: Cut some new notches in that belt because it is going to get tighter at City Hall. Ford has vowed to find $525 million in savings in 2011 - forcing each city department to reduce their budgets by 2.5%.
Surplus land: Let the selloff begin. Ford has vowed to selloff up to $1 billion in surplus city land in his first term.
Council meetings: We're watching you. Ford wants every vote councillors cast to be a recorded one that will be published and easily accessible online.
Council office budgets: Ford, who famously spent nothing on his office budget as a councillor, will slash councillor expense accounts to $30,000 and staffing budgets to $175,000. He promises to cut the mayor's budget by 20%.
Smaller council: Four years from now Ford wants to half the size of city council from 44 to 22 seats. He'll have to get this new council to agree to it before the next election.


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If he keeps one, he'll be ahead of most of the politicans out there. Let the fact that the GTA had a 52% voter turn out be a warning to all you politicans out there. Status quo just isn't good enough any more.


Joined Mar 15, 2010
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no matter what. Ford was the best choice amongst the crappy candidates that we had to elect this year.


frosty said:
no matter what. Ford was the best choice amongst the crappy candidates that we had to elect this year.

Isn't that the ENTIRE story of our political situation these days... We don't have any GOOD candidates to vote for... its more a case of voting for the least worst.

To answer the OP's question... he's a politician.... don't hold your breath. They say one thing to get elected and then do the exact opposite once they have GOTTEN elected. :roll:


Joined Jun 16, 2010
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Source: Wikipedia

“An election promise is a promise made to the public by a politician who is trying to win an election. They have long been a central element of elections and remain so today. Election promises are also notable for often being broken once a politician is in office.

“Elections promises are part of an election platform, but platforms also contain vague ideals and generalities as well as specific promises. They are an essential element in getting people to vote for a candidate. For example, a promise such as to cut taxes or to introduce new social programs may appeal to voters.”

IMO Rob Ford will need to raise his game and build a consensus by reaching out to other city councillors in order to keep his promises.


Apparently, voter turn out wasn't very good.

It reminds me of the Harris days, the biggest blowhard wins, and Iron Mike screwed everyone and then some.

Cut & Slash will be cried within 9 months of Ford's tenure.

I don't like Ford, Smitherman or Pantalone, but I hope Ford does his job, so the good people of TO don't suffer and TO isn't mocked by other large cities.

Good luck Toronto, you're in for it.

[email protected]

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Joined Oct 16, 2010
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HOF said:
Apparently, voter turn out wasn't very good...

Actually, it was the highest turnout since amalgamation, by far... 53.2% is extremely high by municipal standards, about 15% above the last two elections.

Not sure where you heard that one, but you're way off... :neutral:

Anyways, getting back to Ford's election promises:

PVT - Big yes, probably the first thing he does
Land Transfer Tax - probably, it hasn't been entrenched for so long that he can't get rid of it, and it'll raise property values
Property Taxes - probably won't go up, probably won't go down either
TTC - it'll be a war, but he might be able to make it an essential service if he has enough support
Streetcars & Subways - depends on Dalton, he's pretty desperate for votes so he might give Ford whatever he wants
Bike Lanes - possibly, I think that's actually a good idea; they have dedicated lanes on Eglinton and they're really nice to ride on. I can go from downtown almost to Centennial, while riding for less than 3km total on roads, and with the Humber Bike path, Etobicoke offers some of the best rides in the city
Garbage - probably; he's from Etobicoke, and we've been enjoying the benefits of strike-free garbage pickup for a long time, not to mention the fact that it's about half the cost of unionized garbage pickup
Cops - maybe, depends on whether Bill Blair lasts or not
Budget - small reduction likely, big reduction unlikely
Smaller Council/expenses - not in a million years, the other councillours won't vote to fire themselves
Others - probably just pre-election grandstanding that will drop down the list of priorities

I don't know how much or how little he'll be able to accomplish, that depends on Council as much as it depends on Ford. One thing I hope is that, when I renew my plates next year, I don't have to pay the $60 PVT. I don't know if he'll do a good job or not, but I gotta say, putting sixty bucks back in my pocket is a pretty good place to start. :great:


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Joined Oct 21, 2010
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Hey HOF, not to pick a political fight....but you know why Harris slashed right ? Ask JC who was in power in Ottawa, Ontario lost a huge amount in transfer payments from the Federal Government. So as the liberal party was balancing the federal books on the backs of the Ontario tax payer. Yet we in Ontario love it when the liberals give it to us, and keep voting for them.
Harris had to make tough calls, he had no money from the feds, and Bob Rae left us in a mess. IMO, Harris was the one politician who said he was going to do something, and had the balls to do it.


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Mayor Ford will not be the same as Councillor Ford. Leadership will force him to moderate. He may be a boor, but he's not dumb. He'll pick and choose his battles.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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"Streetcars: Ford has vowed to rip streetcars off arterial roads and replace them with buses. Red Rockets will still be roaming along the St. Clair right-of-way and other spots where the infrastructure has already been built."

Well, the second half of this means the entire streetcar system is safe. The infrastructure is already in place on the entire downtown system.


Joined Aug 20, 2010
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I just heard he cut his salary by 20 %. :great::party: He is the Man :happy:


Joined Jan 7, 2010
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Bubba said:
I just heard he cut his salary by 20 %. :great::party: He is the Man :happy:

I thought it was his Mayor's budget he will cut by 20 percent not his salary. Even as a Councillor he collected his entire salary but didn't use his budget fund. His brother Doug who replaced Rob as Councillor has said he will donate his salary for the entire 4 year term.
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