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Joined Jul 31, 2013
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Started off last week with my standard legit massage at Kelly Spa. It's legit so not much to say. But I usually go to another place after for a release so here are some reviews of some places I've been in the last few weeks.

Serene Ocean - Jessica

Went to Serene Ocean looking for Monica, but she was not in that day. Met Jessica. She is about 5"2. Really thin, but has a tight body. She looks to be a yoga enthusiast. She has that type of toned body. I'd put her age at mid 30's. Although she is petite, she can get a lot of power out of that tiny frame. Very good massage, got out all the knots. As the massage concluded the tease began. She was not shy on the tease and really got me worked up by handling the boys and skilfully working the shaft while I was on my stomach. I asked to flip and she continued massaging the boys using slow but firm strokes, easing up as she felt I was close. She let my hands roam and that's when I noticed that even though slim, her ass was incredibly firm. This continued for a good 10 minutes until finally I could not take it and asked her to bring it home. A very explosive powerful finish was had. I was drained after that. Paid $60 for an hour, tipped $60.

Just Relax - Cici

Saw Cici at Just Relax. Cici has been reviewed a few times. Most recently a few days ago. I'll keep it short and sweet. Cici appears to be in her late 20's. She is taller, about 5'6 or 5"7' slim, with a nice small but tight ass. She's an A-cup. Dont let the bra fool you. There is really nothing there. Her massage is on the light side, but decent enough to relax me. Cici is bubbly and enthusiastic during the session. She is playful on the flip. I had a good time, don't know about others, I have seen her a few times so maybe some YMMV may be in play.

Red Rose Relax - Emma - 2588 Birchmount Rd. @ Huntingwood

Emma has been reviewed many times. Not sure what else I can add. She has worked at Pacific and Happy Happy in the past. She is about 5"5', appears taller in her heels. Slim, nice b-cup with responsive nipples. Blonde highlights. Massage is more of an intro to play time. Nice bodyslide was provided, mutual exploration and enjoyment was achieved. Services are in line with most holistic places. Standard pricing applies. My room had an ensuite shower. The rooms are a tad small but adequate. The place was clean. They also have a back door for those who want to be a little more discreet.

Holiday Spa - Perly -

Perly has been reviewed several times so I'll keep it short and sweet. She looks to have slimmed down a bit, not that she was big to begin with. I'm attracted to her body type. Facially I never thought she was DDG but she is fairly attractive. If you let her, she can actually give you a very good massage and I requested one because I was tired and she delivered. Service wise, same old Perly. She is consistently good. She introduced me to a few girls there and told me they were looking to staff the place with younger attractive girls. Guess I'll have to check back shortly and see the new recruits.
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Nice! I'm really digging these compilation reviews. Thanks for sharing!


You mind linking addressees, phone numbers or and websites.

Thank you.


Joined Jul 31, 2013
Messages 92
alover said:
Is miss pearly still clean shaven ?

Yes. And still tasty. I love watching her face in daty when she is enjoying herself. She does this thing where she bites her bottom lip. Looks hot.

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