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Select Company Review: Winter @ Select - Forecast: This is not Going to be A Typical Winter

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I noticed I forgot to post this here it is.


All jobs/careers have those unique individuals that excel or are reputed as the top of their field. From physicians to politicians from Sps to even hobbyists there are those select few, amongst the vast population of participants, that are known to the industry that commend attention for various reasons.

The Sp population has few "icons" or "legends" in the industry that are either retired or still in the game. Although who they are may vary depending on whose opinion you take, in general taking account a vast majority of opinions a few arguably are always mentioned and accepted. This is especially true intra-agency.

Winter of Select. She is a name I have heard about for a while as being an SP that plays with those at the top of their field. I have always wanted to meet her as she, through popular opinion, she exuded many if not all the characteristics I seek within a companion. Through the generosity of members of caerf and Select I had the opportunity to do so at which point I did not hesitate to book her.

NOTE: I have to let you know that because of the nature of the booking my participation in the boards was known...much to my dismay as I don't tell the SP or agency I am a board member. However that will not prevent me from being as objective as possible in my review because and I am here to serve you (I charge a lot and my bill is in the mail). I assure you as I do not wish to compromise the my and the boards integrity.

Was Winter as good and beautiful as everyone says she was, after all this is the boards and opinions/tastes do
Were the very few (actually one) criticism of her warranted?
What kind of time was I going to have with her?

...there was only one way to find out...

Book and Communication
I had tried in the past to book Winter several times however she was always booked and/or our availability never matched up. This time I booked well in advance and luckily Winter was free for the time I could meet her. All the booking was done through phone. Select makes it clear on their website they do not book over email.
First time I called I spoke to George at Select and made the booking. He was very accommodating and a great person to deal with, professional, pleasant giving me all the relevant details and answering any questions I had. When I called to confirm that morning I spoke to Kelly. Her sweet voice and disposition was refreshing. She gave me the location and all was set. At the location I spoke to Kelly as well to get access to Winter. Everything was done with the utmost professionalism and communication was flawless with understanding with the intent of making sure I had a great time. Any delay on my part or otherwise was communicated and dealt with understanding and amicable resolutions. No problems with booking and communication.

DT TO. Up scale hotel in a busy and known district to hobbyists. Easily accessible, plenty of garage and street parking. I had parked down the street a few minutes as away for $2.00 hr as it was a nice case you were wondering.....probably not though. The hotel was large and busy therefore discretion was maintained. The room was large with a large comfortable bed. There was a small vertical mirror on the wall on the opposite wall at the foot of the bed which I noticed late in the session as I was...errr... distracted. Just inside the entrance was a sink adjacent to a door leading to the shower and other facilities. The non-smoking room was neat, organized, clean and well maintained by Winter. The bathroom was perfect as well. Granted I was the first booking of her day but I am more than confident that she keeps her spaces clean. A masculine smelling or unisex body was was provided. Mouthwash and plenty of fresh towels were provided as well. It was a comfortable place to be and a good incall location.

Accuracy of pics:
Fairly accurate. I did feel that she looked far better than her pics. She is more toned, tanned and a tighter (fit). Her hair is lighter (blond brownish...I guess is called dirty blond). She also has a small tattoo in a location that is not noticeable..i noticed it on at the end while we were talking. Her bust size appeared larger than depicted.
Face: When I opened the door I was taken a back by her beauty. I did expect a beautiful woman be all accounts however I do take reviews lightly as we all is in the eye of the beholder. However, facially Winter is a beautiful woman amongst the top based on my experience, and I tend to seek out the most beautiful ones..yes i am dam superficial. Her features are refined, she as a sexy smile and beautiful light coloured eyes comprising her very good looking GND/gorgeous face. One review said she looked like Mena Surv, although perhaps they share a similar foundation I did not see the similarities in their exact features and drawing a comparison I felt she was better looking.
Body: Enhanced Bust. What can I say...her body is my ATF. Toned, tanned, fit. She is in ridiculous shape, both cardiovascular and physical in which she has a body that would make 19 year olds envious. She is an avid and accomplished fitness freak...I love that. Damit...after seeing her I have to get back into shape, as I am doing motivating. She reminded me of a those sexy gym girls or runners you see jogging on the beach board walk at South beach that you can just sit there and watch and be satisfied (we are all perverts...stop staring). She is well proportioned and takes care of her self. Her skin is soft and smooth. I mentioned her negligible tattoo that I feel bad even mentioning since it is so out of the way. I have read some say she is larger than her pics...I totally disagree...if anything she is thinner and more toned.

Her smile and disposition was inviting and comforting from the moment I got into the room. I was still a little anxious and intimidated however she put that to rest by her mannerisms and disposition. She was kind, courteous and gracious. She did appear very humble as well. I think we got a long well on a personal level. She has a great sense of humour and is fun on her own. She was open and appeared very sincere. We talked for a bit to the point I had to restrain myself from talking too much as I feel I could have talked to her easily through the whole session. She was engaging and a good conversationalist, she is a good listener and contributed well to the discussion. And yes..of course her sexual drive and motivation...I am sure you all are only concerned about...was very apparent and it seemed she was very engaged and attuned to making my time with her the best I had. She would be fun to hang out with, train with or try to beat in a marathon...i would lose...sigh..

The Winter Experience
My expectations of her look was met and exceeded (facially and physically (my ATF)). Personality wise she was great. Those to factors together made this encounter memorable. However the memory was greatly enhanced by her skill as an SP and natural raw sexual craving and desire motivate and hammer out (pun intended) the best sexual experience for me and her. She seemed insatiable and enjoyed many aspects of the sexual experience. She was vocal but not excessively so and was sincere in her response to simulation (did not fake). She directed and took directions. Her experience showed and she knew want she could do to make sure I had the best experience at the same time enjoy herself as well (which I am all about). She was very accommodating and seemed to enjoy every position. At the same time I did feel passion from her and the sense she did sincerely enjoy my company and she stated so.....I hope. She was very complementing, fun, energetic and a sexual machine. It was a very intense session, and erotic session and I got quite the workout, both of us did. She made me feel very comfortable and made sure I had fun and was completely satisfied.
I have read all the reviews of her and I recommend you reading them as well as I have listed them below.
Menu: All the acronyms except SW
Clockwatcher: No it was not apparent throughout the session. But realistically however agency girls usually have to more so over independents if not immediately booked after.

My interaction with Select was great and would not hesitate to book through them again.
Winter facially exceeded my expectations and was amongst the more beautiful SPs
Physically her body is my ATF and is incredibly sexy.
Her personality and skill as an SP made this session with her one of my favourites.
She is all people say about her and I agree with all the accolades and disagree with any criticism.
I can understand why she is amongst the top regard SPs in looks and service.

Previous Reviews

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: Yes
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Hour: $300
Affiliation: Select Company Escorts -
Winter's Link:

I wish all Winter's were like this.
I just have to find a sexy Summer, Autumn and a sexy SP that would to name herself Spring and the seasons are set.


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Awesome review of a well regarded SP - lots of helpful information. Thank you.


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Great review and I concurr absolutely. She's hot, toned, fun, and uber-sexual.

I should book her again, if only to say, during the session, that:



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welcome to Winters fan club, reminds me I need too see her again soon.


Once I opened your review I had to get a smoke and a glass of wine. OK I am ready to read it now :biggrin2:

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Awesome review, CT. Winter is one of my favourites, who consistently provides excellent service and in my opinion is a can't go wrong SP.


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Great review. I can't agree more to the amazing 'winter experience' .
Winter is a rare combination of beauty, class, and service. as close to gfe as you can get. For me, her elegance and pesonality separetes her from the other top sp. I have yet to find another sp of equal in that regards.


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Now I am wanting to cool of with Winter but something tells me it will only get hotter.
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