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Vivid Spa Review vivid spa and ivana

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Joined Apr 9, 2016
Messages 8
Had a session with Ivana at vivid recently, first time at the spa.
First impression of the spa, very discreet exterior, interior very impressive. I had seen Ivana before back when she was at obsession so I thought about seeing her at this spa.

Had some issues during my session that makes me question another visit to this spa. While I was waiting for Ivana to come in, another attendant knocked and opened the door. Wrong room, no problem. It happens. What happened during my session was what bothered me. While in session, another attendant opened up the door, no knocking whatsoever. I hear something about restocking towels and then Ivana went to see what was going on, next thing I hear is yelling in the hallway before she comes back in and apologizes for what happened and then the doors opens up again and gets slammed shut. By this point, the atmosphere was gone. To give credit, Ivana tried her best to bring the session back but unfortunately the incident derailed things.

Would I see Ivana again, yes. Would I visit this spa again, based on what happened, probably not.


Thanks for the review. Nice to read a review that isn't over the top gushing over Ivana.


Joined Mar 19, 2016
Messages 39
Sorry about your experience bro, I would be furious.
I feel bad for Ivana too.
Joined Sep 16, 2010
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I would have just asked for my money back. Ivana is a champ and deserves better than this.


Joined Apr 9, 2016
Messages 8
I didn't see the owner when I left. What got me was that the girl opened the door at the beginning of my session and opened it again just a minute or two after Ivana went to see what was going on. You'd think etiquette would be to NOT to open the doors for towel checks while the spa was still open. End of the night after it's closed, I get it it might've closed on its own. As much as I would like to see Ivana again, there are no plans on going back. I had an hr session but I was better off with a half hr and left rite there, the session for me was done. I'm pretty private so there was no way in hell that session could have been salvaged even with Ivana. I've seen her before she moved there and I've had a good relaxing time with her then and she did try to bring it back to her credit, it would not have felt right to shortchange her if I had demanded money back.
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