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Out-Call Review: Tessa (Indy) - The More the Better

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Joined Mar 28, 2010
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Who better a subject to inaugurate my first repeat review that Tessa. I saw this fine young woman, for the third time, recently as I was initially motivated by my first experience detailed here:

I feel that is important to follow-up with and re-evaluate any publishable experience/information not only to remove any emotional or obsequiousness bias, but to accurate depict and be just to the subject and, in this case, be true to the good people of caerf.
It is also a self - evaluation to make sure I was not out of my mind, taken by a beautiful woman and the subsequent events within, to give some inaccurate utopic review. Integrity and trust is everything.
I saw her two additional times to make sure I got my perception right (that is correct..i did it for you is a tough job, but someones got to do it...( i love my job)...I am accepting donations)

I booked this appointment a week or so in advance since she only comes to this fine city a few times a month. Furthermore, she is busy and I had to meet her again. Booking was all done through email and phone to confirm upon arrival. Voice still sexy. No problems with email. Courteous and enthusiastic. She handles things very professionally and classy.

I was almost right in my past review. I saw almost since she looks better than what I thought and wrote.
To review my past review: no exaggeration, although a little underestimated, accurate description of Tessa's level of fitness, tonicity, and proportions. Her facial features are stunning to me, beautiful, classy, with a hint of exotic and eroticism if that makes any sense. She was still one of the most prettiest SPs I have seen. Physically she is amongst the top when including TO. Remember her body type is my ATF (all time favorite)

Alright, so some new info in communication, and I have updated my opinion of her looks now let's get down to the nitty-gritty:

The experience:
I had a great time last time however this time was even better!
Perhaps I was a little more comfortable (and perhaps she was too) but I pretty much had the best SP experience to date. I know it was not a delusion because even though her menu, as extensive as it is, remained almost the same the experience felt more ...yes...passionate, real, truly GFE/PSE. There were new elements to the session. Her comes the obligatory disclaimer: YMMV ( we all hate that thing), mine evolved. Pleasing me and giving me a great experience seemed to be what she was made to do. She made me feel it.
What I did not say last time is that she has a lot of physical energy that contributes to her natural raw sexual energy which may be a consequence of her advanced level of physical fitness compounded by her love ( & need) for sex. In combination, this all translated, for me, into an experience without competition because one could compete nor compare.


So what i am trying to say is that my experience was better the second time and got even better the third time around. She looks more beautiful than the previous times. It could either be that she improved her level of fitness (a natural consequence of consistency and discipline in training and diet) and/or I am getting more comfortable with her as she is with me. However, things were still exciting because the sessions had new elements and I realize new great things that I did not notice the last time about her and the experience with her.

Recommendation: Still High
Recommendation for Repetition: High
Feel free to PM me with any questions, comments or concerns.

And as always you can still contact her with any questions and stuff, She is very personable, approachable, and professional.


Not With Cupids anymore but her body is best shown here:

Outcall Rate:
H: $350
Value: Worth it...seriously. the way...No one else may see her. Thanks you are all too kind.
(Writing a review about them is poor strategy on my part)
(Public Service Announcement: Everyone please write reviews, repeat or the wise. Make caerf a beautiful place)
Truthfully, I want you all to have a good time. You are my new caerf bros. I am glad I can contribute the make that possible.
I gotta find more SPs.

I can't wait to write repeat reviews of my other SPs.
Don't worry bros, i will book appointments and do it. For you of course.
It is a tough job....
......but someone's (me) got to do it.
Please donate generously.

PS...that review was longer than I wanted..sorry


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Lone Wolf said:
Outstanding review.

thanks again bro,

Perhaps I should have posted these on April I was unaware of the contest..and the polling has started, even though march is not over mods!

I am just happy to be posting here and providing any help I can to the members.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 18, 2010
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Asked who you where in a lobby thread, now I know. Excellent review CT read your other one and must be calling you Sir soon.


Hey've given me some competition for my long winded reviews..just kiddin :) WELCOME TO CAERF!


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Thanks again guys. I really enjoy your reviews also. you guys and this board is awesome!
I am glad you enjoy mine. I am looking forward to contribution a lot more...the best part is seeing those SPs! yummy.

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