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Out-Call Review: Tessa - (Indy) Ms. SP Olympia!

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Note: I saw Tessa in Hamilton - She works outcalls in Mississauga. I'd thought I share my review to the great folks caef:

I thought I was going to be writing a TOFTT review when I noticed Tessa's add night after a hard day.
The result of booking Tessa and then experiencing subsequent events it was apparent that this would not be a TOFTT review, she is a busy woman..and deserving so, the null hypothesis was rejected.


(the pics do not do her justice)
Was known as Vivian at Cupids, but perhaps we should abandon that legacy since, well, she is no longer there obviously and there seems to be hardly any reviews.

Now I have a tendency to write a lot so I will try to recognize, categorize and squash that compulsion.
Let's try something different shall we,

Nice upscale location, great room, mirror on the closet adjacent to the bed (gotta love those mirrors).

No problems booking. Pleasant, Courteous on the phone ( & sexy voice).

I hate doing this part (cause if they did it to us would be doomed...who am I kidding, we would do just fine because we are all studs)
Facial Features: Very beautiful, I'd put her amongst the prettiest SPs I've seen. She looks a little younger than her age. refined.
Body: My ATF. I personally love her body type. Fit, barely any fat, great muscle tone. Beautiful proportions.
She is best represented here:
Having practically lived in a gym myself, trust me, she would be the woman on whom every guys eye would be on.

Soft, courteous, classy and intelligent. She is out-going. She presents as and individual absolutely loving what she does as she is very responsive and takes control when(if) you want.
Great conversationalist.

Typically, on my end, without going into to many details:
Tessa was very into it throughout. She was professional and her veteran aptitude (skill) was apparent. She is open-minded. Her menu was extensive in providing a true GFE/PSE experience.
I had a marvelous time throughout this intimate encounter.

Relatively speaking and considering the complete picture I’d rank her as one of best in this area and put her amongst the best within the Toronto SP scene.

Recommendation: High
Feel Free to PM me with any questions

Be kind to her Hamilton/Bur/Oak and she may just visit here more regularly. Don’t blow this, else I’d have to drive to TO…and I'm busy and well gas is getting expensive.


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Her pictures looks great looks like manmades can you verify Chaos.

Senor Gomes

How is her menu like Chaos does she do Greek? you never know when I may land in Mississauga.


Wow she just jumped up high in my TDL thanks and welcome CT for the great review, how is her DFK?.

Borey the Bald

Fantastico, thanks for sharing quality information Chaos.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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Oliver stone said:
Thanks for sharing Chaos grateful for taking time on writing a brilliant review.

Thank for the comments guys. This is a great board and it is pleasure being a part of it and contributing to help/share ideas an experiences with the brothers here.

I pm'd answers for those specific questions..

one I feel I can answer here is that she is a really good kisser.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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DrAnus said:
Her pictures looks great looks like manmades can you verify Chaos.

Nicely done man-mades bro. And her pics on the cupid site are right on with her in reality.
She is a committed gym i am sure she has not changed since i saw...perhaps even got better..more tight.

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