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IN-Call Review: Sofia @ Mirage: An Intense Exotic Erotic Experience

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Joined Mar 28, 2010
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Sofia's pictures on Mirage's website captivated me. The relatively limited reviews ( perhaps due to her being a relatively recent addition to this field) of her thus far have been great. With that combination I could not leave Toronto without meeting Sophia. I am a sucker for fit and sexy women.

Very Upscale. Loved it. Easily accessible, great location. Ample adjacent lot parking (paid of course..this is TO afterall). Room was nice, smaller than the other locations but was nicely decorated and had a big bed. All I need is a women, a bed, and the wall large mirror along the horizontal side of the bed did not hurt. I love mirrors..and I for some reason always say that I my reviews...I gotta stop that. All amenities and facilities provided were clean, towels, mouthwash, (there was even deodorant guys...I hope that was not put there out of necessity) soaps, bathroom, shower. Nice bathroom.

Booking & Communication:
Sofia was extremely busy...what the heck guys..she is human..let her I did not let her rest either :cry: ). I was going to be in TO for the day and the good people of Mirage (and Sophia) fit me in.
( I am just going to cut and paste the rest out of my last review since it was the same)
Advanced Booking: Email and phone, as I live out of town and this girl is busy. No problems. Smooth, prompt response on email and phone. Email responses were prompt and answered any questions/inquiries completely. Phone: The woman on the phone as a very sweet and sexy voice, very polite, nice, courteous, professional and patient....i did not catch her name. Ravi was very nice, professional, accommodating and a pleasure to speak to. I called when I reached the location in which the professionalism, personalities and response of the aforementioned Mirage staff was consistent.

Accuracy of pics:
Fairly Accurate. Her hair, body and proportions are as pretty much as depicted. She looked a little slimmer to me..not that much though. Her abdominal's are a just little less ripped than depicted. Using the pics as the reference my expectations were met.
Statistics Accurate: European - Greek/Portuguese
Face: She is an exotic beauty. Greek/Portuguese look. She looks her advertised age. She has a sophisticated, mature exotic look. Captivating deep dark eyes. Sharp and beautiful features. Great voluptuous lips. I found Jemma facially more attractive however Sophia a beauty.
Body: Just look at the pics, add in my critique of those pics and you got Sophia. It is just that simple. Her body is simply fantastic. Sexy. Her body type fits my ATF body type. I love it. She is in shape, goes to the gym regularly and it shows. Being a gym guy myself. Sophia would be the target or every man (and woman's) gaze in the gym constantly for sure. Heck I would not be able to work out. She is not so much a hard-body. She is toned, lean with some of that classic Portuguese curves to her. She has a tattoo.

She is a head-turner in any environment.

She may look intimidating because her body is just so fine but she brings you back down to reality because she is so humble and sweet. She is an absolute delight. I know she must tired when she saw me because she was in for a long book solid day and has been busy but it did not show in her attitude. Positive attitude. Enthusiastic. She loves to have sex. She is another sexual dynamo and could go all day...and she does so this statement is not an embellishment (not that any of this review is). She is very sexual and enjoys it. She is sweet, courteous, considerate. I had a great time talking with her. She is a very interesting person. Unfortunately I did not have time to talk to much as we did not have too much time....sigh...but I look forward to getting to know her better. I have no complaints about her personality.
I love her accent.

The Sofia Experience
Sofia provided me with a very memorable experience and I was also left with a strong inclination to repeat. From the get go she wanted to get everything going because well....I understand why.. and that is because she is another sexual dynamo. You know, one of those who love sex and just would knock your socks off if you were wearing any.
She would have knocked my socks off for sure. She put me at ease as I was slightly intimidated.
It was an intimate experience though..not just sex. She provides a great GFE/PSE experience and for sure knows how to please a man. Her experience, stamina, skill level, diversity, vigor and robustness were all tested and displayed and came out the only champion. I love those views in the mirrors..Sophia looks amazing. My request for ceiling mirrors comes again Andy!
She handled me like I was her significant other inside and outside the bed. The experience was wonderful...and way too short. It was intense though! I could have gone on forever....and I wanted to.
Menu: Extensive - GFE/PSE - its all on the website and is consistent.

Sofia is a lovely, captivating, interesting, sexy, highly skilled and sexually-charged woman who has the stamina not many women have.
My experience with her was very intense, memorable and is truly appreciated and I find myself very fortunate to have been able to have spent time with her.

Previous Reviews:
Again she is well-reviewed and I agree with and support the previous review.

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Half Hour: $160
Hour: $250

I slept very well that night....well that's not entirely true because I had Sofia on my mind....and it was wild.
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Senor Gomes

Is her name not Sofia? thank once again Chaos for anothe great review jumped her to number 1 to see next.


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Senor Gomes said:
Is her name not Sofia? thank once again Chaos for anothe great review jumped her to number 1 to see next.

It is Sofia maybe mods should change name for better fit in the review book.


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Great review Chaos Sofia must me number one SP next to Hailey and Sidney.


Thanks Chaos, I couldn't walk for hours after my session with Sofia and she is so smart and cool to be with.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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Senor Gomes said:
Is her name not Sofia? thank once again Chaos for anothe great review jumped her to number 1 to see next.

Damit!!! sorry guys...and thanks for point that out...i changed it.

i got to get back to being hooked on Phontics....and my grade 1 reader.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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mynameismo said:
Excellent review Mr. Chaos keep them coming.

I posted a few in the hamilton thread as that is where I am from.....

...unfortunately..(besides a couple of SPs that make it worth it)....i have to move to TO

freestyle said:
Sophia / sofia who cares she banged you good , nice review.

lol...true that.
Thanks bro,


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Awesome review CT, I like your writings, thanks for the endorsement on a beautiful SP, a must see on my books.

- - -

Joined Jan 19, 2010
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CT, Sophia is such an incredible SP and person. I loved your review, it captured her perfectly.
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