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Eye Candy Review of Ryan at Eye Candy Entertainment - The Eye Candy of the Storm

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Ryan intrigued me.
Twitter is the new tool in this industry whereby one can get to know a provider on many different levels, visually, personally and intellectually, something boards tend to yield only if the provider is active. Most are not however because many reasons, a major one being antagonism. On twitter the provider has more control over that. If we give trouble they block, they can see or read us and vice versa.

Ryan intellectually, personally and visually appealed to me. All three attributes were on display for the world to see and I found her fun, funny and sexy. The combination of blue eyes, dark hair and red lips helped as well given her stats and personal testimony on the few reviews out there. I read she was beautiful. I was interested in her and was prompted to see her by PL.

The question was always when.
I was in the airport area again and it just so happened our buddy Ryan was scheduled there as well. Thanks Ryan and Eye Candy.
I saw this on twitter, and called right away.

Another question was did her twitter persona and visual appeal translate in reality as a truism or was this all smoke and mirrors and all that.
Facially there were hints she was beautiful as well, by testimony and teasing shots.

Well, there was only one way to find out.

Booking and Communication
Phone and Text.
I have dealt with Eye Candy several times before. They have always provided top class service and handled business with professionalism and courtesy. The arraignment was not different. Ashley (also very hot, I met her once at and industry meet) verbally took my booking and in text upon arrival facilitated my meet. Instructions were straight forward and she was kind and professional. (I wish I could have facetime her...and then booked her and then....well you know ;) but my focus was Ryan)

Easily accessible, discrete hotel, nice room, ample cheap parking. Damn weather system, driving there in the morning was fun..I have a pic somewhere of my drive in.
The room was clean, well-kept, mouthwash and towels were provided. Big, bright a mirror near the window at the corner of the room...I pondered taking Ryan over there but I was too into process past the initial thought.


Accuracy of stats: Accurate but the hair...I don't think it is dark plum anymore...could be it is dark and looks great. She has a few tattoos as shown in her selfies and some unseen, but tasteful and very nice.
Accuracy of pics: Fairly accurate. The reason why I say this is she is another woman who I have encountered that does not photograph accurately in that she looks far better than her pics, and her pics do look good. She actually put up a video on twitter which captures her accurately enough. Point is, she looks better than her pics even the the seflies she posts on twitter. Oh, and the facial tease pictures and down right misleading...she looks far far better..actually like a different person than what a nerd (like me) would try to extrapolate from a top and bottom half shot.
Face: Beautiful GND to DDG. That's right you read me correctly. I didn't get that vibe from the pics, by potentially, but seeing her in person converted that potential into a purely kinetic elastic, energy fully conserved and transferred by collision of her face to my eyes. She looked amazing, very beautiful. She reminded me of the former SP known as Vienna. Her piercing gorgeous blue eyes were captivating and enhanced against her dark hair, fair great complexion and red lips. Her lips were soft and nice, great smile. She has a hot, friendly, innocent yet sexy look to her. She wears little make-up I think, indicating natural beauty. I would and everyone would have eyes on her if she entered a room. It was a great surprise.
Body: Natural, as depicted in pics and video. Ryan has a very hot body. She is a petite, toned, woman with sexy proportions and looked great at every angle. She felt great and had an alluring scent to her as well. She takes care of herself. She has a couple of piecing's as shown in the pics. I don't know what else to say. She looks great sans clothes and with clothes.
Ryan's personality was an added bonus making her the complete package. I found her very friendly, exciting and classy. She was very easy to talk to. She is a good listener and forthcoming as well with honesty and sincerity. She is also is very sweet, kind and considerate. She took my coat from me to hang it and took any length to make me feel comfortable. She also is very cool, intelligent and I feel there is so much more to her. Very fascinating. On twitter you can read and see how fun she is.She seemed very attentive and interested in me as well. She is a very passionate and insatiable woman as well.

The Ryan Experience
I again was walking into the known, well sorta. I was both excited and skeptical. As soon as Ryan opened the door, said Hi, then I saw her face and body in person that skepticism took a hike (just like the damn uber prices). I was bewildered. Ryan buddy, you need new pics and your partial face pics do not match She was hot. I was happy (I am such so superficial..not really..well sorta..personality is big with me). The video on Twitter is what I faced but with lower undergarments and leggings. Hot indeed.Her smile was captivating as well as her personality. She was fun, flirty and fully engaged. She was kind, considerate and accommodating. She wanted to get to know me and seemed excited I was there with her. I didn't have too much time unfortunately as I talk a lot and wanted to familiarize myself with Ryan in a different way :). She is a great lover, very passionate and highly skilled and attentive. She wanted me to feel important and completely satisfied and pleased. She is petite too so moving her around is easy and fun. She was very engaged, excitable and seemed to enjoy herself sincerely. The passion and fun level was such that I felt I was with a girl friend and we here having a blast. At least I hope she felt the same. :) I wish I had more time with her :(
I feel I have only scratched the service.

Booking and Communication - Professional and prompt, all good.
Location: Clean, great facilities and appropriate amenities.
Ryan is a beautiful GND to DDG woman whose eyes, lips, hair, face :) is her best asset not to far behind is her sexy petite body and personality.
She is a great provider. Highly skilled in the art of pleasure and completely engaged, in tuned to me and my satisfaction and making me know she was enjoying herself as well. (the woman enjoying herself is important to me)

Previous Reviews!

Honorarium: See Eye Candy website

Affiliation: Eye Candy Entertainment -
Eye Candy's Twitter:
Ryan's Link:
[BRyan's Twitter:[/B]

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High

With the winter storm front brewing Ryan the a gorgeous physically and personally serene yet sexually a whirlwind.
She was the warmth, beauty and companionship that I and I am sure we all need.

I need a nap. I need more Ryan really...
Stupid work :(


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Ryan has literally being driving me crazy on Twitter and now she's moved up my list at neck breaking speed.
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CT you're the Stephen King of review writing. ;)

Ryan is a gem. Had the chance to see her last month and can recommend her as well.
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