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Review of Nikki (indy)

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Joined Mar 3, 2016
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Wow what a beauty! :YMAPPLAUSE:

I was on backpage looking to try someone new a couple nights ago. I saw these sexy pics and decided to give her a try, Super sweet over the phone and thru txt. the moment I entered Nikki greeted me with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen and such a warm hug, she was wearing sexy lingerie underneath her robe just like her ad. Her choice of incall was pretty classy and the room was clean with candles lit not that I like them a lot, liked the effort. When i called i told her hh but when I saw her I stayed for the hr.

Real funn and I immediately felt comfortable with her she gave me a great massage and then told me to turn around where the fore play was amazing, lots of kissing enough to add a bit of passion. the service was great oral was wonderful her body is beautiful and just like her pics in the ad I was very satisfied with my choice. Could tell she likes what she does a true gfe I would recommend her to anyone.


Great review but I don't see a fee for her time on her ad, what was the fee?
Joined Jan 27, 2011
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Darkhorse said:
There is always an email away.

For fees go to the link.
I'm not sure if I would trust a first time poster that just joined over the past 9 days.
Personally I won't TOFTT or even have any interest regardless...unless she looks like Beyonce.
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