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Minx Escorts Review of Elle at Minx: ....And After god Called to Congratulate Me

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Review of Elle at Minx: ..and god called to congratulate me.

I'll just say this..
I don't think there is a provider out there who I've spent more time actively tring to meet during a long time span,unsuccessfully, than Elle. In other words I have tried to book Elle for years yet had not met her because of either her schedule, popularity,absences, and mine ( I had booked a couple of times but had to cancel (days in advance)).
Not to mention the sociopathic $&@#'n A&$#%s who insist on stalking and invading providers privacy. They should all be castrated and exposed themselves then they will know how it feels.

Then she left....we all thought for good.
But now she has returned... Temporarily..but I had to get on this to make the booking stick on both ends.

Elle's reputation preceeded her. I know especially in this industry preconceived notions and reputations are unfair to the woman and experience furthermore irrational to us as the client because there are so many subjective and objective variables that make an experience, perception, with a woman visually, physically, socially and well spiritually...heck all categories....different for both parties. Therefore one persons perception and interpretation of the experience will highly likely be incongruent to another's yet we try to translate our views this literally in reviews, some thinking their word is the way it is, other think their view is a guide,a microcosmic circumstance, revealing their and only their experiences knowing, because if the variability, the readers experience will be different in various degrees.

I am in the later group.

Elle tho...she was/is on the lists of most beautiful escort, prettiest face, best experience etc...

Ya I had to meet her.Minx made this hair and I am eternally grateful.
Now that all was set, the only question I had was how will my experience be? Who is the woman named Elle that all has been raving about.

...i was about to find out..

Booking and Communication
Phone, text. I booked well in advance. The admistration at minx was incredibly considerate, accommodating, professional and made this happen for me by flawless communication and attention.
So, no problems with booking and communication obviously.

The airplane playground. Upscale hotel, easily accessible, discrete, clean, and ample parking. The room was pretty big, Elle kept it clean and organized, all amenities provided and the extra thing I haven't seen and was a nice touch as gum. Elle provided a pack a gum to allow clients to have a piece. I had some gum so I didn't take one...if you were wondering. But i mouthwashed thoroughly as always, checked and rechecked freshness and scent and opened the door into the room. The room has a comfortable bed, well lit and was pleasent. I didn't see a mirror in the room but Elle pointed out a mirror I didn't see in the foyer of the room...which umm..we investigated later.


Accuracy of stats: hair and eye colour differ, I didn't bring my weigh scale and measuring but other stats seemed accurate.
Accuracy of pics: Inaccurate...well more inaccurate than accurate. I'm not saying those pics aren't her, they are but they are older and let me tell you she looks far better than those amazing pics.The insane men in this industry has forced some women to be gaurded in information and pics. She is tanned, enhanced, toned, sexy body and proportions. Any man with a rational mind..heck with a mind..will be more than pleased. So so hot.
Face:Beautiful GND to DDG. Elle is definitely a woman who facially is top tier in this industry. She has a warm,welcoming yet sexy face. Her eyes, her iris, Hazel honey,coloured are gorgeous against the dark puplis. She is a very beautiful woman with a model like face. I have read comparisons to Christy Brinkley, ya I see a slight resemblance looking at Christys pics now, but Elle has a uniqueness to her a beauty unparalleled. She has a great smile, soft lips, wears little make-up having the natural beauty.
Body Enhanced.See above. She has a few small tattoos. Elle is fit, toned, has very sexy proportions, looks and feels great. She has great skin, smooth, flawless with an alluring scent. She takes care of herself, well manicured and looked amazing from every angle.
Elle has a vibrant, caring, modest, fun-loving, mature personality. Conversation with her flowed very easily. She has great social skills and it was a please being in her company socially. She is an intellegent, driven and accomplished woman. She is very sweet and down to earth. She was open, honest, very friendly and an exciting person to hangout with I feel. She is also a very classy, proper well and mannered woman. She is also very passionate, it caught me off guard....that's a good thing and in a great way.

The Elle Experience
As soon as I opened the door and saw Elle I was secured. She was beautiful and along with her smile and warm welcome her personality shined through securing me further. I had to hold myself from just talking to her the whole time because her personality was so attractive. She looked amazing in her robe and lingerie. Very classy and beautiful. She was very pleasing to speak to and even more pleasing to interact with physically. Her level of passion was explosive and insatiable with caught me off-guard because her disposition did not yield that impression...not that it's an reliable measure but still. She was totally engaged, very complimenting, appearing to enjoy herself was pleased and wanted to please me. She Is well skilled in the art of physical pleasure. She has great endurance and is flexible. My muscles a little sore from carrying her..not relevant info but ya. I just couldn't get over the visual and tactile stimulus Elle provided. I wanted to cuddle and kiss her all day while taking to her...if that's possible. She is a great kisser.
About that mirror, I mentioned that I wish there were mirrors in this room, she agreed, then remembered there was a mirror near the entrance, which I totally missed. She suggested we moved there...err...I gulped I think..and then got right to it for the sake of all men,mirrors and thier reflections! Let me tell you that the reflective experience,Elle, was extrodinary.

Booking and communication: I have to send Minx a gift basket.
Location: Upscale, clean, discrete, comfortable. No issues.
Elle is a beautiful GND to DDG who perhaps bears a slight resemblance to Christy Brinkley. She would turn all heads in any populated area facially and physically. She is an intelligent woman who is fun, good hearted, sophisticated and surprisingly sexually explosive with amazing skill.

Previous Reviews

Honorarium: See Minx website - She is VIP status
Affiliation: Minx Companionship -
Minx's Twitter:
Elle's Link:!elle/

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High

All things considered and taken into account that being and not exclusive to; the desire to meet Elle, the amount of effort, the amount of time that has past from my initial attempt, the chance and alignment of events to facilitate this meeting, Elle as a person beyond the escort and the experience within and without of that realm has made this experience divine.

...then in my dreams I feel like I got that divine call...

..and a high-5.

Thank you Minx and Elle.

Oh and her time as a companion is limited and arbitrary so keep that in mind guys.
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Thanks for reminding about Elle and also the treats that she has for clients. Last time, she had a plate of macaroons :good:

And this mortal congratulates you for finally seeing Elle.


Thanks CT. I think that Minx is one off the most underated agencies in town. They originate great talent for us to play with. I've never had anything less that a top notch experience with them. Wish they were DT a bit more.


Joined Mar 4, 2011
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CT, I am envious but at the same time congratulate you for persisting and succeeding.
Elle, is by far the one of the best companion experience that I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
If I only had to be with her once, and never meet her again, I'll still smile my way to my grave.

Those who meet Elle are very lucky, and should treat her very special.
She is to be loved and admired, and not to be 'possessed'.
Free spirit always brings out the passion in people.
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CT, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I've been waiting for her come back for the longest time and the moment she is back I forget to check the boards. I can't believe my luck.

You are one of the luckiest guys on earth. I was one of her first customers and I've seen her many times in the past. She is an above average almost Ddg girl with a great personality and amazing service. Oh the memories of my encounters with her. Many times I think that it was just dreams. There is no way that I was lucky enough to meet her.

There are only three women in this industry that I have repeated my visits with them many times. She was the first one.

i just hope I'll be able to see her one more time before she disappears again.

Great review, sir. I'm glad it was you and not Rayden :) as she used to like caramel


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Can i hire you for my next PR meeting with my staff?. You can teach them a thing or two about proper way of selling.

You are good.


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Peter4025 said:

Great review, sir. I'm glad it was you and not Rayden :) as she used to like caramel

Brother CT delivered Elli a wonderful Nutella Donut. She has been nutellized and there's nothing you can do about it!

Well done CT!!:YMAPPLAUSE:


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Great review CT. Just my luck while not in town and she reappears for a limited time. Someday hopefully I will see her. She's my missing unicorn :Crying2:
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Wow. Great review, as always. Bravo! :YMAPPLAUSE:

Congrats CT... Persistence and patience paid off! :good:


Joined Dec 4, 2010
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She needs to come downtown more...Minx, take note!

I saw her twice a few years ago...can't say there are any SP's today in TO that are in her league for looks/service/value for money. Lots of average looking girls even with some in bad physical shape who charge the same as Elle. I was going to say Alina, but she seems to have quietly retired again?
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