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IN-Call Review of CAPRI-licious at Splendid

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Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
I was out in the west end of the city recently and decided to take advantage of that by paying Splendid a visit as they do not host downtown (or not that I am aware of). I have been looking at Nina's and Capri's pictures and decided to go with Capri. I called the toll-free line and spoke to Shauna (I think that's her name) to arrange for a tryst with Capri. Although this is a new agency, the booking was made very smoothly from beginning to end. Shauna was very friendly, clear and concise (in terms of location, donation, etc.) when I made the booking.

Capri use to go by the name of April when she was briefly with Dreammakers.

Capri's pictures are an accurate representation of this young lass. She has long flowing black wavy hair and a youthful and pretty face with clear complexion. She looks her age of between 19-21. Below is a grouping comparison of the girls I've seen and where I think she fits in...She is not hot hot, but pretty close to that. I would say that she is very pretty GND and would put her at the top of my Beta Category.

Category Alpha: Cory @ Roommates, Billie @ Roommates, Paris @ GOE (Retired), Demi @ DM (retired), Holly @ GOE, Leslie @ G-Spot, Taylor @ Cupids, Eva @ TP

Category Beta: Capri @ Splendid, Tessa @ Mirage, Maii @ Naughty Girls, Jessie @ Mirage, Miley @ Maximum, Blair @ Cupids, Livia @ Mirage, Charity @ TOG, Veronika @ Vixens, Kelly @ Mirage, Cassidy @ Entourage, Ellen @ Maximum (Retired), Chelsea @ TGF, Tina @ DM

Category Gamma: Robyn @ GOE, Hannah @ Mirage, Brittany @ TGF, Maxim @ Mirage, Vicky @ Mirage, Eden @ Cupids, Hope @ Cupids, Angelina @ TP, Julie @ Select, Jenna @ TGF

Capri also has a great youthful body. She is a fit girl with very smooth legs. At the beginning of the meeting, she seems shy and a little nervous, but after some small talk and when she has had a chance to get comfortable, Capri opens up and is a very friendly girl. Capri acts her age, being a 19-21 year old and will need some direction. The reason I mention this is so that you don't come in with an expectation of Capri being a seasoned veteran or sex kitten oozing sexuality like Paris @ GOE or PSE like Leslie (Indy). What you will get with Capri is more like a civilian interaction with a girl that you picked up at a bar who loves sex, but is not a pro. Her combination of youthful good looks, unjaded character and newness to this industry is a positive for me (maybe not for others).

Enough of describing my perception of her. Now onto the action! After my shower, we started to make out right away. She really gets into her dfk. With her lingerie still on, she gets on top of me and continues the dfk while she grinds away with Kirk Jr. under my towel. Her grinding seemed to be for my pleasure and hers as well. After a few more minutes of dfk, I unleashed Kirk Jr. from under my towel and she greeted him with her warm mouth. Her bbbj was about average (nothing crazy), but felt good. BLS was also provided. I returned the favour with some DATY on her shaved kitty. It tasted clean and fresh.

I then covered up Kirk Jr. and asked her to get in CG position. We alternated between her going up and down like a piston and me bucking up and down while dfk'ng. Capri was quiet at first, but when the action heated up, her moans of OMG, OMG, OMG became louder and louder. We switched to missionary where she wrapped her legs tightly around me and occasionally grinding her hips to the rhythm of my banging. Doggie was a great position to grab her nubile ass while banging away. My SOG came in doggie. I'm usually a single SOG guy, so we just chatted for the remaining time before I hit the shower again.

So in summary, if you are looking for a young, friendly lass who still has that newness/innocent/amateur factor, I would recommend Capri. If you are looking for a seasoned SP who will seduce you or provide PSE services, I would not recommend.

I had a great time with Capri and would repeat with her. I will also repeat with Splendid and try to see Nina. The only thing about Splendid is that they are based at the Airport and Burlington...Splendid if you are reading this, can you consider a downtown location for a couple days a week? I would def consider Splendid more if they had a downtown location.

Me again

Well-known member
Joined May 21, 2010
Messages 398
Nothing like a sweet 20 year old to give you a good time. Nicely done Kirk.:great:


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Thanks for the review. I as curious about this one. She comes to Burlington sometimes.


Joined Apr 15, 2010
Messages 1,482
Thanks Kirk, nice review. Being a leg guy I'm really tempted by her nice pair of legs.


Well-known member
Joined Apr 30, 2010
Messages 725
Another winner review Kirk, You d man and she is is deep in my TDL.


Well-known member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 306
Nice review Kirk. Capri looks great. Splendid is teasing us downtown guys. Congrats and thanks for the review.


Awesome review once again Kirk anothe hot young one to droll about.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 660
romance said:
Thanks Kirk, nice review. Being a leg guy I'm really tempted by her nice pair of legs.

Legs!, have you seen her ass :gasp: Very good review Kirk you lucky dog.


Joined Apr 15, 2010
Messages 1,482
Madmax said:
Legs!, have you seen her ass :gasp: Very good review Kirk you lucky dog.
ok, 1st revision: "I'm really tempted by her nice pair of legs and whatever is in between"...I thought that was implied in "legs" :)


Great review of a hot young lassie KL. Very nice, legs to die for. Alas a little too young for the likes of me. :aww:


Great review KR as always. A very nice looking young lady with service to match...what more could a horny old man want? LOL

BT, she's right up your alley...go in for the dive!!


Senior Member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 964
Nice review KL.

Good to hear that Capri is worth visiting - whereas I wasn't sure based on info of her as April.

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