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IN-Call Review of Baby Doll Miss Kayleigh Carter

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Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
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Miss Kayleigh Carter's recent return to Toronto prompted me to make a booking with her as I missed her last tour of Toronto.

Booking with Kayleigh was straightforward through email with final confirmation by phone on the day of the appointment. The condo where the incall was set up is downtown and is very nice and clean. The only downside to this location is that I had to check in with the concierge which made me feel awkward.

Kayleigh is a very slight and demure spinner who is very soft spoken and pleasant. Her voice is very cute and only made me want to jump her bones. After being welcomed into the condo, I was offered a drink and shower. This was indicative of the whole session...very relaxed, unrushed and hospitable. Facially, Kayleigh is very cute and young looking. Below is a grouping comparison of the girls I've seen and where I think she fits in.

Category Alpha: Cory @ Roommates, Billie @ Roommates, Paris @ GOE (Retired), Demi @ DM (retired), Holly @ GOE, Leslie @ G-Spot, Taylor @ Cupids, Eva @ TP

Category Beta: Tessa @ Mirage, Maii @ Naughty Girls, Jessie @ Mirage, Miley @ Maximum, Blair @ Cupids, Livia @ Mirage, Charity @ TOG, Veronika @ Vixens, Kelly @ Mirage, Cassidy @ Entourage, Ellen @ Maximum (Retired), Chelsea @ TGF, Tina @ DM, Kayleigh Carter

Category Gamma: Hannah @ Mirage, Brittany @ TGF, Maxim @ Mirage, Vicky @ Mirage, Eden @ Cupids, Hope @ Cupids, Angelina @ TP, Julie @ Select, Jenna @ TGF

After my shower, I returned to the bedroom to be welcomed by Kayleigh who had removed her dress and was waiting for me in her bra and panties. If you like spinners, Kayleigh fits the bill. We started with dfk which was very enthusiastic on her part. While dfk'ng, Kayleigh's hands wandered down to my lower body, first resting on the towel covering Kirk Jr. and then slowly reaching underneath the towel to give Kirk Jr. a handshake waking him up. After a few minutes of making out and groping each other like college kids, I asked her to remove all of her lingerie. Kayleigh obliged by getting off the bed, standing facing me and first removing her bra and then her panties before standing stark naked before me for a few seconds while the sunlight penetrated through the window curtains and glistened her petite frame.

After fully undressing, she jumped back on to the bed and started dfk'ng some more until she slowly moved down my body sprinkling light kisses all the way down to Kirk Jr. Once she arrived at the command centre, she continued to sprinkle light kisses on Kirk Jr.'s shaft resulting in in Kirk Jr. twitching with anticipation. Slowly, Kayleigh grabbed a fistful of Kirk Jr. and guided it into her mouth. Although not vigorous, her combination of hj and bbbj with her head bobbing up and down really felt good. She tried some DT, but could not take it all in. The physical sensation of her soft hand wrapped around my shaft and her wet mouth covering my manhood felt so good. And the sight of this young lady making love to Kirk Jr. just added to the experience.

Although I was enjoying the bbbj, I could not wait to get inside her so I asked her to put on a condom and get on top. Once she got on top, it felt so snug and felt just right. At first she grinded on top of me and then did the squat up and down for a few moments. Still underneath her, I then took control and started to thrust up and down alternating between a few short strokes followed by one slow and deep thrust. Each time of the deep thrust, which I held for an extra second, Kayleigh's whole body would tremor. Ohhh man, the sight of her reaction to that turned me on so much.

We then switched to missionary, which allowed me to dfk her at the same time. Up to this point, this session was very sensual and "romantic". I decided to speed up the pace a bit by asking her to get on all fours for some doggie so I could see her cute tiny bottom. In doggie, I picked up the pace while grabbing a handful of her bum cheeks. The bum grabbing transformed into light but slapping, which she didn't seem to mind. At this point, I felt like I was going to bust soon, so I stopped and asked her for some more bbbj. A couple minutes of bbbj abruptly ended with Kirk Jr. exploding in her mouth.

We both laid on the bed with the sunlight beating down on our sweaty bodies for a few minutes to recoup. We talked for a few more minutes before I took my shower. As I said, the whole session was unrushed as I went several minutes overtime and it really felt like meeting an old college lover. To those who have not seen Kayleigh and are looking for a spinner, who is friendly, soft spoken and cute, I would recommend her. Her rate is $300/hour.


Joined Apr 15, 2010
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Another stellar review. Glad you had a great "romantic" time! Sounds my kinda girl!


Well-known member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Damn Kirk. That was a great review. She is very high on my own TDL. This review sounds exactly like my type of session. I like how you put her in perspective with others you have seen. As some of your Betas are Alphas with me, I'm even more enthused about Kayleigh.


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Joined Apr 30, 2010
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Outstanding review Kirk. You are like a run away truck going 200 k an hour lately, how many SP you have pounded lately?.


Holy shit Kirk, how sore is your dick :shock:, You are a man on a mission. Thanks for another outstanding review bro.


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Beenthere123 said:
Holy shit Kirk, how sore is your dick :shock:, You are a man on a mission. Thanks for another outstanding review bro.

Kirk your mission accomplished yet or more on the way.


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Well done Kirk, you going to win reviewer of the year. Mods here is an idea for you to dwell about.
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