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Review of Anushka Nair @ Toronto Girlfriends

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Frank Underwood

Joined Aug 6, 2020
Messages 1
It really has been a while since I last hobbied with a major agency due to the pandemic. I felt an outcall would be a good option for me since I live alone. I am not usually into the Indian girls; in fact I can count in one hand the number of experiences I have had with brown girls. Nothing against them, I find they are beautiful but I just haven’t gone out of my way to seek them out for my hobbying pleasures.

Lately I have been getting more and more intrigued by them because there is a new Indian girl at my office who is smoking hot, and I have fantasized about her.

As every good hobbyist should, I tidied up and groomed myself to prepare for this Indian beauty. She arrived on time, and was a bit hesitant to knock on the door. I was looking though the peephole, debating if I should open the door and invite her or keep waiting lol I decided to wait for the knock as to not scare the girl.

When she entered my place, she had a smile which I can only describe as radiant. In my years of hobbying, I would put her smile in the top 1% I have ever seen. She really should be modeling with that amazing smile and beautiful eyes. For me this is important, because I definitely hate to see frowny girls or indifferent girls at the door.

We sat down for some conversation over a glass of wine, and while I tried not to stare rudely at her generous bosom, we really seemed to connect. For being a newbie with no experience, she is a natural at making others feel at ease in her company. When I reached out to grab her hand and gently pulled her towards me, she gracefully glided across the sofa and into my lap.

Our embrace seemed to go on forever and felt like we were slow dancing our way into the room without ever coming apart. Fantastic body and her prettiness exceeded my expectations.

An unforgettable GF experience, DM me for details if you have any questions. I would strongly recommend her and will repeat.
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