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MUSE Review of Adele At MUSE: Hello....

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I am grateful for so many things, well everything actually. I should be given the state of 100s of millions, countless others in this world, struggling.

I am grateful for providers.I am grateful for MUSE massage spa
I am grateful for French women.
I am grateful for meeting and getting to know Adele.

She started at Muse a couple of weeks ago. She got a Twitter account and posted pics....a slow motion video..ya you gotta see for your self. Hot.

...and that's it I was done ....

..I had to spend time with her. The question was when. She works three days a week at MUSE and works in Ottawa at Vibe Urban Spa (another massage place).
She is committed to us Torontonians (GTAians) driving back and forth. Very commendable, touching being such a statement of how much she values us clients.

There is little information out there about her. I am research oriented to a degree as that subjective margin propels me to judge for my self.

I had my chance.

Booking and Communication
Smooth as usual. Kyra is professional, such a sweetheart and a good person. I called in advance knowing I will be in he area and booked my preferred time without incident.

Muse Massage Spa. You know it. You can read my other reviews for more details in this section...i tend to be verbose.Kyra put me in room 3....the mirror ceiling room!! Mirrors on three of the walls all in view of the table, one adjacent to it. I'm gonna be using those to its fullest. Score. I could live in that place and die happy...err...but there's gotta be hot naked women in there too though otherwise I'd die sad, and we don't want that.
Clean, all amenities and more provided, S chair, shower wall straps. Comfortable massage bed. No issues.

Let's get to the good stuff.


Accuracy of Stats: Accurate but I didn't notice any piercings aside from ears.
Accuracy of pics Accurate but she looks better in person. She dosent have any pics on the MUSE site yet so refer to her Twitter account. She has complete pics including face.
Face Beautiful GND to DDG. Better than seen it pics. Adele is a gorgeous French woman with soft, innocent features. Model type. Her face brightens up the room complete with piercing beautiful, a memorable smile and beautiful soft lips. She has a great complexion. Her hair is as depicted just past the shoulders I think. She stunned me when she realeased it from a bun. She also has that sexy, naughty look to her. Facially she stunned me even though I saw it in the pics. The more I looked at her...tried to stare...the more beautiful she appeared.
Body Natural, no tattoos, I think only pierced ears. Her body again looks better than the pics and feels so good. She takes care of herself through physical exercise and well-kept personal grooming. Her scent was alluring. I have met a more than a few French women and thier skin in so soft and luxurious, Adele is no different. Toned, sexy portions,fit, hot and sexy she provided extrodinary views in the mirror.
Personality This is what impressed me most about her. She is such a sweet woman. She expressed such a tender, caring and compassionate heart. She was very friendly, open, sincere and a great conversationalist who I could have spoken too (and kissed :) ) all day. She is intellegent, well-mannered, polite,and attentive. She is not overly bubbly, mature, passionate and cute. She is a good listener and made me feel comfortable. This is an area I just tapped into and wish to explore,her mind and personality. I had an incredibly positive experience.

The Adele Experience
Going into the known can be troubling however my attitude is to go with the flow, be the best and most respectful I can and do not have any expectations nor demands just enjoy a woman's company at her comfort level. By the pics I was satisfied with Adele, more so.When she opened the door and flashed that smile all my uncertainties dissolved regarding her physical attributes. She looked amazing in the red one piece with a black skirt thing...I don't know what you call it but she looked hot.
She was warm and friendly, meeting me very warmly. Talking to her, which I had to suppress,and seeing her demeanour dissolved any uncertainties about her personality. My time with her was very passionate. She is such a passionate woman, I can't stress that enough. She wanted it to be all about me as she wanted to please me. As much as I wanted to lay back and get massaged I couldn't because my nature is to plead the woman make her enjoy...try to anyways. She was very accomdating. She is a very skillful MPA who drove me to the edge and back a few times. My time with her was as with a girlfriend massaging and passionately pleasing each other (within MPA limits). She can be direct which I love and appreciate as I don't want the girl to be uncomfortable nor force her into anything she does not want to do. She made sure I was completely satisfied. Her body felt great, amazing bodyslide and MPA skills. She appeared very engaged with me and enjoying herself. As mentioned she looked incredible in all the mirrors. To give an example of the depth of her passion and sexual energy her response to, "do you like mirrors?"(Badly phrased question I know) was "yes, especially while having sex, I love it."
My jaw dropped....
But quickly closed as she massaged away and I was taken.
...but I have to admit I wish I was her boyfriend and well bring in the mirrors. Lol.
Her skill, experience and conduct as an MPA dissolved any uncertainty about her service.
And I loved it.

booking communication and location were all excellent and flawless.
Adele is gorgeous GND to DDG French woman who is sexy and would be a spectacle of any gathering of men (and women) due to her beauty both facially and physically.
Her personality is sweet, fun, intellegent, mature, which a passionate streak and sexual vigor that goes deep.
She is a very competent and compelling MPA.

Previous Reviews:

Honorarium: All inclusive pricing (includes door fees and all others)
Affiliation: MUSE Massage & Spa
Adele's Link
Adele's Twitter:

Desire to Repeat: High
Recommendation: High

I need to move and live in all the French places.
If I was the president of the US, or influenced to American public, I would change the name French Fries to Adele Fries not change it to freedom fries (idiots)

I need more Adele Fries
(Worst line ever)

The Adele's song Hello has 1.25 billion YouTube views...
Adele at Muse fired many more neurons (all by pleasuring the senses mind and body) in me than that..
Hello Adele indeed.
(I think that may be a better line...)



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The Poet strikes again! Well done CT!!!

I happily pass on the Muse Crown to you Sir!! :biggrin2:
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