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Hamilton Review: Kim Jones: Canada's Hot & Sexy Sweet-heart

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Joined Mar 28, 2010
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I was feeling the urge to meet Kim Jones. The reasons of which were in part due to "the hunger" but largely due to the memories of my prior two, not so recent, visits with her that I wanted to relive. The problem was that I had to go to the gym, the only time I had free. This is how I solved that problem: I took the long way to my gym in Hamilton by driving to Burlington where Kim was temporarily stationed, seeing her, then going to the gym, logical enough right? No regrets there as the solution presented in the most magnificent way thanks largely due to the phenomenon which calls herself Kim Jones. She is Canada's Hot and Sexy Sweet-heart. I will attempt to explain and justify these statements right now in review format.

Booking & Communication
Via phone. Her voice is soft, sweet, sexy and outgoing. She was clear and professional. Her characteristic giggle was apparent as we briefly talked about appointment timings and location. This was refreshing and made me smile, as usual, with other SPs, I tend to be formal and save the conversational fun for the appointment. I asked for a certain time and she did her best to accommodate. She was set and ready to go as I arrived at the location on time.

Upscale, easily accessible one of the nicer places in Burlington. Large and therefore discrete. Large free attached parking area. Room as clean organized, smelt great, towels were made available as she made sure I was taken care of, facilities clean. Comfortable queen sized bed and stuff...the room was nice. However, this one did not have a mirror...well there was one on the wall adjacent to the seating area, not in view of the bed....i like matter ..i pulled a MacGuyver as I used the reflection from the glass covering the adjacent painting, it was alright. (I can't believe I am telling you guys this...what can I say...i am very visual..and desperate i My past sessions with KJ did have a mirror within view.

Kim Jones
-Picture Accuracy:

Accurate. Can't get more accurate then that. The photography is not professionally done therefore photoshopping is highly unlikely. She does however have tattoos that may not be visible in the pics. She also seemed a little slimmer and more tanned to me than in the pics. She looks great in these pics but is better in person.
-Statistics: listed in her add: Accurate.
-Face: Very beautiful, Modelesque and cute. Natural beauty, wears very little make up. She looks her age. Young, vibrant. Long dirty blond straight hair as depicted. She looks like that hot cheerleader in University with a little bit of an erotic, sultry edge. Her smile is characteristic and adds to her beauty, and her eyes smile along with it. I love eyes. I loved KJ's eyes. She is amongst the upper echelon in facial beauty of the SPs, I'd say not only in Hamilton but in general, based on my experiences. Compared to Hamilton SPs (and visitors) I'd say she would hangout with Gina, XxXxX-22, Ava Jones, and Tessa as the beautiful girls always did hang out together in school and excluded the uglier She is part of the incrowd.
-Body: See picture accuracy.All natural. Looked hot and better than I remembered from last time. Toned, athletic-looking, not muscular or hard-bodied. spinner-type for sure. Soft, smooth, tanned skin. Very sexy body. Well manicured and taken care of. She is within my ATF category of body-type. She is not voluptuous. I liked her beautiful proportions and features.

She is definitely a head-turner. No doubt

This is what makes her Canada's hot & sexy sweet-heart: A combination of her blissful, cheerful, vibrant and vivacious disposition (hot cheerleader), her bright and illustrious smile, he sweet sexy voice and laugh. She is fun, cute & intoxicating. I just wanted to take her home with me...but we are not allowed to do that...we can look & touch but can't take home...sigh. Her attitude was positive and enthusiastic. She is considerate. She took care of me and wanted to make sure I had a good time. She is out-going and open. She is a great conversationalist and very interesting, sweet and sincere with a good sense of humor. I love her laugh. I could have talked with her for the entire session but her enthusiasm cut things short to start the deed. I was more than fine with that.

The Kim Jones Experience
I had seen KJ a couple times before therefore I thought I knew what to expect, a good time with a beautiful woman. Well, honestly, my expectations were surprisingly exceeded. She opened the door with her typical enthusiasm, smile and giggle it was refreshing, and as I mentioned above physically she was much more prettier than I remembered. She seemed excited to see me...aww shucks. I thought she would not remember me but her memory and attention to detail was uncanny as she remembered some details from our previous sessions which were sometime ago. It was her personality and sweet-heartness that forced me to talked for her for as long as I did, and that was strong force, because she looked absolutely gorgeous wearing almost nothing. She stopped the conversation short in a unique cute way, fine by me. She was accommodating to my preferences however she did have her preferences of her own..this is a two way street afterall... and politely made them known when appropriate. I respect that. She really had gained a lot of experience from the time we first met, hopefully I did also, and it showed and was fantastic. She is fun, energetic and, stopped at nothing, wanted to make sure I was pleased and had a great time. That did not take much on my end given the company. I left wanting to spend more time with her.
-Clock watcher: No, not rushed
-Menu: Safe GFE, YMMV

I had a great time that exceeded by practical expectations.
KJ is in my top 5 of Hamilton and I am bumping her up higher on the list.
She along with my top 5 are in Canada's Next Top SPs. They are stars within their menu category.
She would do very well in TO, no doubt, for those that appreciate her menu.
She is truly Canada's sweet-heart.
I got a nice aerobic workout, worked up a good sweat, before my anaerobic work-out phase in the gym when I finally made it there, lol, but true story.

Previous reviews and comments:
I agree with the previous review

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Half Hour: $120
Hour: $220
-Locations: Markham & Burlington and perhaps other places.

Note about her ads: She is a good spirited fun loving women who likes to have fun and has a good sense of humour. She has fun with her ads. But make no mistake, its not all talk, she is hot. She backs it up with her looks and service.

Thank you Kim,
Spending time with you is always my pleasure
I look forward to your visits.


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Joined Mar 23, 2010
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Wow have the bonus comparison in this review compared to the in call one, thanks Chaos.


New member
Joined May 3, 2010
Messages 3
el feroz said:
Sweet review bro. Kim's defintely going up on my TDL.

Hey! I should already be at the top!!!
Thanks Chaos.. I like this site :p


kim<3 said:
Hey! I should already be at the top!!!
Thanks Chaos.. I like this site :p

Hey, welcum Kim. You are now on my top 'wish to see list.'

Great review ChaosT. Wow! You should be the lady's manager with a review like that!

Is her location downtown Burlington or QEW location? Thanks!


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Joined May 3, 2010
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Musketeer said:
Hey, welcum Kim. You are now on my top 'wish to see list.'

Great review ChaosT. Wow! You should be the lady's manager with a review like that!

Is her location downtown Burlington or QEW location? Thanks!

Im right off the QEW babe (sorry if Im not allowed to post this I dunno the rules yet XO)


Hello Kim. You can post the general location, just not exact address.

Welcome to the CAERF Family!!

Jeff Healitt

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Joined Oct 11, 2010
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lakerboy said:

Tried to find her website but all i could find was a pic.


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