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IN-Call Review Kali of Vixens

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Lone Wolf

Joined Nov 16, 2009
Messages 1,978
When I first saw Kali, the words striking, beautiful, and gorgeous first came to mind. She has the most exquisite face on any lady of Indian (the country) heritage that I have ever seen. I was also struck by her figure, which I would estimate at 5'2", 105 pounds, 33 large B/small C (perky), 22/23, 33. She looks much better in person than the photos posted on the Vixens site.

I initially booked for an hour. In the get to know you phase, she asked, so I did mention that I was a doctor. She asked if I had used Vixens before, and I told her no. Her interest was aroused, and she asked me why I had selected her. When I told her, she told me that she was extremely flattered.
We engaged in some DFK. She was very eager to please, and she quickly moved to BBBJ

However, after about 5 minutes, she asked me if I wanted to move to CFS. I had heard from friends who had seen her, that she seemed almost too eager to please--frequently asking if she was doing things correctly I asked to her come back up and cuddle with me. I started to massage her back, and neck. She told me that my hands were warm, and that it felt good. I told her, that I was there to see her, and that the session shouldn't be all about me. I told her that I liked her alot, and I asked her if I could extend to 2 hours. She asked me if I was sure, since I hadn't been there very long. I told her absolutely, I was sure. She was visibly pleased when Steph told her that it would be fine. I told her, now that we have 2 hours, let's just relax and enjoy eachother.

I told her that I was really hot for her, and that I needed to take things slowly. She told me that she appreciated that because she was both attracted to me, and the fact that I was a doctor, and that since she was the first Vixens girl that I had booked, and I had selected her specifically, she wanted to make a good impression. I am sure that there was a measure of truth to each of our statements. Clearly however, the fact that I extended her, made her much more confident. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I would have enjoyed a one hour session, and she likely would have as well. However, I wanted to savor the experience, and to make sure, to the best of my ability, that she enjoyed our time together too.


A few comments:
She is somewhat tight, so I started with DATY, which she appreciated. I then asked her to start the CFS in CG, with me sucking on her breasts. Doggie with her is a sight to behold, with a near perfect behind, and 22/23 inch waist. In mish, you will appreciate her abdominals.
She loves DATY, and she tasted great. She has a very responsive pudendal nerve area. If you find it on the inner part of her thighs, you will both be in for a treat.
The sheets were soaked, after our session, and while I probably contributed 5% or so in sweat equity, the rest was from her. She is 20, and not super experienced, so if you can get her will notice it.
She is extremely down to earth. From a personality standpoint, there are few ladies that you will enjoy more. That too was another reason that I felt comfortable extending her. I liked her a great deal personally.

She would be an excellent choice, if you are looking for a GFE experience, from either a
1) strikingly beautiful lady, of any, or Indian heritage,
2) a petite lady, Please note: my definition of petite might be different from yours.

Otherwise, an outstanding experience, with a lovely, and strikingly beautiful young lady.

Repeat: Absolutely

Lone Wolf

Joined Nov 16, 2009
Messages 1,978
king21 said:
Thanks for review, I've been told that facially she is right up there with [email protected] and [email protected] I don't recall any reviews on her and have wondered about her servicewise. Is she outcalls only?

In another thread, I listed some of the more facially attractive ladies. On that list I had all 3 ladies.
There is very little information about Kali; she doesn't work very frequently. Servicewise she is a GFE, but she is young, and YMMV. She did tell me that her attraction to a client does play a role in her service, especially with the kissing aspect. Immaculate hygiene is a must, as it should be for all ladies. She only does outcalls.


Yo bro, excellent review with lots of good info! Who is next on your list?


Amazing one of your best "Warm hands Doctor" she is a must see.

Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Great review LW. You have mentioned to me before that Kali is beautiful. I'm not into EIs, but with endorsements from others about her beauty, I think that I will cave in shortly.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Well that is just darn near irresistible.
Thanks for putting another lady on my crazy long TDL Lone Wolf. lol
Fantastic review.

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