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IN-Call Review: Julia @ Mirage: Paradise Found

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I have to start with this,
So, remember the natural order of things seen in elementary school, high-school, university, bars, clubs or wherever, that all the hot chicks are friends and hang around with each other? Well those that have seen Jemma know that she is hot, and her friend Julia is hot. The natural order of things has been preserved.

When I was a younger innocent boy (mid last year), doing the MPA scene, I "accidentally" clicked on the SP section. I read a review...a review of our friend Lone Wolf, saw the pics..and that review & those pics (same pics) my friends, redirected my orbital trajectory leading me to become the SP-seeing man I am today. Boy she looked fine. I have read many reviews of her, but had not set up a meeting with her. Jemma recommended I see her. I did that recently....truth be told, I was intimidated to do so....allow me to tell you how it went:

Upscale as usual for Mirage. Very nice. I need a place like that. Perhaps I can move in there with Julia & Jemma...just call me Jack Tripper. (Three's Company reference)...don't mind me guys when you see her. Adjacent Parking, paid. Clean facilities and amenities including mouthwash, and a selection of body sprays and deodorants. Clean towels. Large comfortable bed. Large full sized closet mirror on wall across the room along the beds longitudinal axis.
I wish that room had mirrors all around. Let's work on that Mirage, thanks in advance, sincerely CT...PS: if you do it I will be your best friend.
Very nice and clean facilities. No problems and discrete process of entering and exiting location.

Booking and Communication:
Advanced Booking. The Mirage staff as always were very accommodating, kind and considerate. Julia was actually starting a little later than scheduled, Ravi (professional, accommodating and kind as always) informed me immediately with empathy upon confirmation. My schedule was considered, autonomy and if necessary other options given, and booking continued smoothly. Taylor (finally got her name) is such a sweet woman. Her sweet sexy voice, kindness, happy and enlightening disposition, etiquette/class gets me all the time. I want to meet her in person. She definitely is a hook in wanting to call Mirage. Just call Mirage and talk with will see what I mean (Disclaimer: actually don't really do that..this is a business of course...not a phone service.) No problems with booking and communication.

- Accuracy of pics: -
3 words - Needs new pics......and here are some more words:
Even though the pics do provide an accurate foundation, they also provide for distorted view of reality. Julia is slimmer than her pics depict, her hair is a little longer and a touch lighter, 2 small tasteful tattoos, she is an even not to darkly tanned Italian and looks so.
Her body, believe it or not, is more tight/toned, and better proportioned then her pics illustrate. Perhaps the top right pic is the best one there...but not by much. The expectations I developed by the pics were exceeded in reality.
Statistics are accurate
- Face - Very Beautiful. GND/Modelesque. Comforting. Slightly exotic/erotic look. She looks her advertised age. I have read her as being compared to Jennifer Love Hewitt. There maybe a slight resemblance/foundation but not enough for me to draw that same comparison. Julia has a more mature look to her. I liked her better than JLH. Her eyes draw you in. I could star at those big gorgeous baby browns forever. I am an eye guy. Great smile. Soft lips. I love her look and think she is a beautiful woman, and was pleasantly surprised. Some people have compared her to Jemma, I would put them relatively at the same level..not too much difference facially. Both beautiful women by any standard.
- Body: - Refer to accuracy of pics - I love her body. Very sexy. tanned, smooth, soft skin, toned, slim but not skinny, fit, works out regularly and it shows though not at hardbody, flat stomach, separation of rectus abdominus (abs) from obliques slightly visible (alright now that is getting a little too detailed). Beautiful proportions.
She takes care of herself both atheistically and in health.

Head-turner for sure.

Mirage has some really great personable ladies. Julia is no exception. Professional, kind, very sweet, great sense of humor, considerate, classy, great etiquette, intelligent, with a good head on her shoulders: centered, modest, good morals and values. She has a lovely positive disposition. She is chill and excitable. She loves what she does and doing what she does. She loves to please and be pleased and it shows. Enthusiastic. Great conversationalist, like Jemma I can talk with her all day. She is very interesting and articulate. I had one of the best experiences with her personality. She is another sweet-heart. I would love to hang out with her.

The Julia Experience
My expectations when approaching this meeting were forcibly moderated. Reviews (reviewers) arguably have the tendency to embellish to a certain degree because they like the woman. I understand this a hard to control. But knowing is half the battle (Yo. Joe!). Therefore, after reading a few reviews I had more than positive expectations of her physical and SP attributes, but I tried to control it because YMMV and taking into account reviewer personal variance. When I opened the door, saw her face and her body, come time, my expectations were exceeded. Her face and body where more beautiful and sexy than I anticipated. She was very calming, made me feel at ease (as I still get a little nervous). Her smile and happy disposition were very comforting, enlightening and motivating. Just verbally interacting with her was enough to build an almost uncontrollable sense of urgency and desire to get things started immediately. I had too much fun just talking to her though and could do that for the entire session. She got things started. She was very passionate and very skilled in all aspects. She had a lot of energy and it translated into this sexual prowlessness and vigor that I have rarely seen. She put her all into it...good thing I work out..and she could take it...and loves it. She was very sensual, accommodating and wanted me to be pleased and have a good time. Her great look provided intoxicating views in the mirror which added that little spice to the experience.
She is very personable, we talked a lot, laughed and stuff it was fun and a very good time.
I had a tremendous time and was completely satisfied...actually that is not entirely true...because I wanted more time with her.
- Clock-watching: No.
- Menu: As dictated on website

Julia is not only a wonderful SP but a wonderful woman, so much so, that it is easy to loose perspective of the (unfortunate) client-SP reality. She is overall gorgeous (inside and out), captivating, provides a great service coupled with a first class personality made this experience extremely memorable and unforgettable.

She had me at 'hello'. - (Quote modified from that girl from that movie with that guy)
Relative to other SPs: I'd say she was one of my best experiences.

Previous Reviews:
Again she is well-reviewed and I agree with and support all the reviews, expect where mentioned.

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Half Hour: $160
Hour: $250

Thanks Julia. The pleasure was all mine.
Thanks again Mirage.


Holy shit CT you want to win review of the year or What :!: Damn that was great reading.


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Outstanding review dude appreciate the effort you put for this review.


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Good god Chaos, now I am going to need a Thesaurus, Websters Dictionary and probably an Engllish Lit degree to bring my reviews up to this level!!

But seriously, have always thought about seeing Julia, and your review has pushed me off the fence.


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That, my friend was the consummate review. When I finally break my self imposed banishment she will be my first.

btw... Etiology? Rectus abdominus? Obliques?. You sound like you're in the same biz that I am.


Thank you CT. Now we dont need to see Julia because i feel like i have already seen her after reading your review. :mrgreen:

Borey the Bald

Amazing review Chaos Julia is big in my TDL thanks to you.


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The website states that Julia is 125 pounds at 5"4, to me that's chubby. Please tell me that Julia is slimmer now. I would like to add her to my TDL.


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Iambad said:
Not when both your tits weight 25 lb. :twisted:

Exactly! Seriously, there is absolutely no chubb with Julia, she pretty much has one of the fittest and perfect bodies of any SP I have ever seen.


Heatwaves76 said:
Exactly! Seriously, there is absolutely no chubb with Julia, she pretty much has one of the fittest and perfect bodies of any SP I have ever seen.

1+ Dude

No sag, no flab, no stretch, no jiggle. She's fit and toned, but very soft and juicy. Hands down one of the nicest ladies I met in the GTA scene!


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lovelatinas said:
Ok. She is on my TDL.

You will not be disappointed. She is on my Re-TDL there a few times.

Thanks again for the kind words again caerf bros,
And Thank you lonewolf for the recommendation and advice.

It is not me, it is Julia that deserves all the credit.
Simply inspiring.

Lone Wolf

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ChaosTheory said:
You will not be disappointed. She is on my Re-TDL there a few times.

Thanks again for the kind words again caerf bros,
And Thank you lonewolf for the recommendation and advice.

It is not me, it is Julia that deserves all the credit.
Simply inspiring.

My pleasure :)
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