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IN-Call Review: Jemma @ Mirage - She's no Mirage, She's an Oasis

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Having read enough reviews on Jemma and being a man with a science foundation I wanted to critically appraise the reviews by my own personal experience...oh..and I wanted to see her too.
That's what I did and here is my review:

Upscale, easily accessible, easy to find. Room was big, clean. Large mirror on the wall/closet at the foot of the bed....i love mirrors...the views were unforgettable...(Andy, we need ceiling amenities provided were clean and diverse, towels, mouthwash, soaps and stuff..all good. It was not her usual location.

Booking & Communication:
Advanced Booking: email and phone, as I live out of town and this girl is busy. No problems. Smooth, prompt response via email and phone. Email replys were prompt and answered any questions/inquiries completely. Phone: The woman on the phone...i did not catch her name...was very sweet and had a sexy voice, very polite, nice, courteous, professional and patient. Ravi was very nice, professional, accommodating and a pleasure to speak to. I called when I reached the location in which the professionalism, personalities and response of the aforementioned Mirage staff was consistent.


Accuracy of Pictures:
The pictures are fairly accurate, however, I was still presently surprised when I saw her. . Statistics accurate. Although her hair is a bit shorter, almost to the shoulders and lighter brown. She has some tattoos I think....(please let me know if I am wrong and I will correct/remove this). Her chest seems larger in reality.
Better in person.
Face: Beautiful GND/model type. She does not appear to wear a lot of make up..she is a natural beauty. I could stare at her all day. I love her blue eyes and her smile. Her beauty is renowned in her reviews and I agree that she is a beauty..more towards the GND than modelesque but still her face is hot, serene and lovely with great features. Nobody would say she is unattractive my any means...well no sane individual that is...but we here at caerf are all sane ...right?
Body: Better in person than in pics. All natural. She looks fit. She feels great. Belly button piercing. Maybe some tattoos. Her gluteus maximus is renowned in reviews, and I agree. She has a great behind. She has fun with it...and I couldn't help but too.
Nice tan, soft skin, great proportions. Not too thin, not to big..she is just right (more towards the thin/lean/fit side..which is what i love)

She is definitely a head-turner.

This is where she becomes almost unparalleled/unmatched.
She is a marvel of a personality. She is classy, sophisticated, great morals and values, professional, fun, very intelligent, she can initiate, hold and maintain interesting conversation, she is a good listener as well as a good contributor. She has such a sweet little sexy, soft voice. Constantly smiling. I definitely clicked with her and I almost talked through the whole session....and would have if she was not just so sexy and herself such a sexual dynamo...dam time limits!!! She is also very comforting, passionate, and enthusiastic. She is professional, courteous and considerate. She really is truly a sweet-heart.
She is also a really cool chick.
One I definitely would want to hang out with casually and party with. She is the type of girl you just want to take her home with me and introduce to your family and live happily ever after and the stay up with all-night waking up the neighbors. She is a really cool edgy woman.

The Jemma Experience
I don't like to go into the intimate details in my reviews.
Not a clock watcher, I actually had to point out that we were almost done because I knew she was busy and I did not want her to rush for the next guy (you're welcome next guy).
My experience with her ranks amongst the top of the SPs I have been with. It was fun, we laughed, got a little serious, intimate, passionate, chilled, opened up it was truly a GFE. Her experience showed, as she is highly skilled and knows how to please a man. She is open-minded and has a high sex-drive. She has the stamina and the drive to go on. She is a great kisser. I had a really good time with her and it was hard to leave. We definitely clicked.
Actually, I am usually one that can hold out the whole time....but Jemma is so sexy, has a great personality and provided such a great GFE/PSE experience that she bested me quicker than anyone before. I met my match.
I had such a great time with her that the time appeared to go extremely quickly. It felt like after opening the door..introductions, then 5 minutes later the sessions time ran out! I was like ...what? I need more...dam busy schedule.
What else can I say: She was professional, classy, courteous, experienced, skilled, fun and engaging.

One of the best SP experience I have had thus far.
Jemma is a remarkable woman and I am not just talking about her technical skills but also her personality and attitude.
Now I understand why she is so well reviewed.

Previous Reviews:
She is very well-reviewed so I am sure none of this information is new, nor surprising to anyone.
I agree with and support all the reviews.
Her reputation is incredible and well deserved.

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Half Hour: $160
Hour: $250

Thank you Jemma & Mirage, the pleasure was all mine.
We will meet again


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Welcome aboard CT, great review thanks for sharing your experience with her; keep it coming.


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Welcome aboard CT. Jemma is one of a kind lady. Very good review about outstanding lady.

Senor Gomes

Excellent review Chaos reading so many great reviews of Jemma thinking of seeing her.


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Really great review style CT. Like reading a business report. Facts and pertinent issues all laid out cleanly. Great info on this superstar. Jemma is an amazing experience. Glad you had a great time.


Welcome to the Jemma club Chaos she is one of the best SP I have seen. So true: She is also very comforting, passionate, and enthusiastic. She is professional, courteous and considerate. She really is truly a sweet-heart.
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