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Durham Review: Heidi from Durham

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Review: Heidi Experience
Yes, i don't review a lot because i find, not all ladies wants a review, good or bad, but when i do review, its all real,

i booked with heidi to see her for the heidi experience. Nice hotel, very clean, very clean room also. I must say, i was ready to step out of the door and into my car, as her pics are really not the best ones i must say. They don't do her any good, but when she opened up and i saw her, i was like, hi, i am here for an hour, for heidi experience.

as far as all the menu that she put up, everything is what she says it is, dfk and lfk, daty to digits, although, i almost had no time to do digits, as i was too busy doing her. i wanted to start out with the heidi experience, yes the gushing. i never seen it before, so i thought it wouild be hot. and gushing it is, its like cytherea kind of squirting,... the sheets and bed got all wet from it.. which was freakin hot!!

while she was pleasuring herself with the toy to show me that, came with nice bbbj, all the way to the bottom. i was ready to try all sorts of position. and Heidi, was ready for whatever i dish out. She loved the doggy, she just freakin loved it. i was getting so into it, my legs are still tired from all the actions that happened tonight. oh and she was like the one of the nicest person that i met, like she can hold up a good conversation, doesn't make you feel awkward, and it was like talking to a girl friend. oh, and she is vocal, which i don't mind, i thought it was actually hot when she was screaming and orgamsed. I finished my 1sog in mish after long banging, at the same time as Heidi's. Like she was freakin soaked after.. i don't know why ididn't see her earlier. little bit of clean up, talking(i was actually enjoying talking to her.)

i was still hard, so time for 2nd SOG.. by than, i was tired, not my junior, from all the banging and etc, that we did. she stared slow with BBBJ, than a reverse cowgirl. i mean, that ass is something to look at and grab, just so hot. and i finished my 2sog in mish again, and she came for the 3rd time.

As for looks, pictures suck, she's much better in person. Tall, spinner type, perky A tits, nice ass, don't know what else to say, she was just damn sexy.

Look: 9.5
Personality: 10

she knows what guys want i must say. $300 bucks for heidi experience, but i think it was well worth it, there's other GFE for $200, which i think you'll get more than what you pay for. as for greek, i didn't try, i don't really like it, but everything else, yes.

oh, and she wanted me to review and let you guys know, her gushing is real, and it is.... i would go see it again, next time when i have enough. :D


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Re: Review: Heidi from Durham

4Times said:
Nice review Cloud. Good Info on Hiedi. You gave her some pretty high grades. Thanks.

Same here.
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