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Review: (Brazil) Rio - Terma 502

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Joined Aug 29, 2012
Messages 288
Date: 12-30-19
Name: Cris
Contact Info: Just GO THERE
Phone: +55 21 3190-7125
URL / Website: NONE
General Area: R. da Alfândega, 65 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20070-003, Brazil
Activities: lots of DFK , BBBJ, HJ, Daty, Covered CG, Doggy & Mish
Session Length: 40 min
Fee: $250Reals ( $60 USD)
Hair Length and Color: Bleached blonde almost to shoulders
Age: 28
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: A little plain facially. About 5'3" and maybe 140 lbs.

She wore a cut off top that came to just above her big nipples that showed off her firm natural D cup tits with Brazilian Tanlines. She had dark brown skin but her tanlines showed she was white as a ghost naturally.
The Rest of the Story: After a short 3 min walk I found Terma 502.( I actually counted the steps on the way back to my Hotel. It was 197 steps door to door) When I asked what the entry was but the guy at the door didn't speak English. I decided to give it a try so I gave him a thumbs up which seems to be the Rio sign for OK? He handed me a card and I walked up the long narrow stairs. At the top I tried to hand the receptionist the card but she just waved me in. I entered a small dark lounge and sat down to watch the 8-10 Girls there. A few minutes later a blonde with nice Titsl came over and kissed both my cheeks. With my photo gray glasses and the dark room I couldn't see her face that well but she had big firm natural Tits with those Brazilian tan lines that I love. She said her name was Cris and she did speak English so I asked how much for a 1/2 HR. She said 1 HR only and it was $250 Reals (I got $420 Reals for $100 US at the Exchange) . In the room Cris started kissing me with DFK and then we undressed. She asked to shower and then she did the same. On the bed more DFK and massaging each other before she did a BBBJ. It was OK but nothing great. I let her suck my Dick for a good 5 min. Before pulling her up to suck on her nipples.

Cris then moved up so I could lick her pussy. I was surprised how soon it took to get her juices flowing. She liked my licking her & whenever I took her clit between my teeth she let out a loud groan and rubbed her pussy harder into my face. After she popped she moved over on her back and pulled me toward her. I thought she wanted to fuck but she spread her legs wide and pulled my head toward her pussy. I figured we had a whole hour and I do love to eat pussy. So why not. I licked & chewed Cris until she popped again then I told her I wanted more BJ to get me ready.

Cris moved down and did a better job of Sucking me than before. While she was sucking me on her hands & knees I reached over and fingered her pussy. Her pussy juice was soon dripping down my hand. When I was hard Cris quickly moved up to sit on my Dick. I thought she was trying to Bareback me but as I looked down I had a condom on. She must of put it in her mouth while she was Sucking me. Cris has a Brazilian booty so there wasn't a lot of movement with her on top. I told her I wanted doggy but she didn't understand so I pulled her over and got behind her. We fucked for a while that way then I flipped her over so I could suck her nipples and DFK while we fucked. After I popped I got up on my knees and Cris removed the condom. Then she leaned in and cleaned me up with a BJ.

We both took another shower and then Cris took my hand and pulled me back into the bed again with her. We did DFK for a while and then she did more BBBJ. At my age I am only a one shot guy so the BJ wasn't really doing anything for me. Cris then moved up and used her hand to rub my Dick against her pussy and when I started to respond some she leaned down to DFK me while rubbing her pussy on my Dick. As nice as it felt it takes me a while to recharge my batteries. Cris finally figured it out and she told me to turn over on my stomach. She then poured some lotion on my back and gave me a nice massage.

After the massage I asked her if she knew if any Termas were open New Years eve or New Years Day. She said 502 will be closed on the 31st but will open on Jan 1st. Then she told me to wait and she left the room. Cris returned and handed me a piece of paper with her phone # on it, telling me to call if I was lonely on New Years eve. She then starting asking about "chips" . I told her I didn't understand (I figured she was trying to say Tip but while she was OK it wasn't worth a tip). I then looked at my watch and told her I was late meeting someone and quickly dressed and walked out of the room. On the way out the Receptionist took the card I was given and asked for $10 Reals ($2. 50 USD) and gave me a receipt. At the bottom of the stairs the guy took the receipt. Over all an OK time but I'm Not calling her.

I will recommend her just for the kissing and Fucking.
Recommendation: Yes
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