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Review: (Brazil) Rio- Monte Carlo

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Date: 12-30-19
Name: Jennifer
Contact Info: Just Go There
+55 21 2255-4489
URL / Website:
General Area: Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 19 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22040-020, Brazil Right next door to the Oceania Copacabana Hotel.
Activities: LK, BBBJ, BLS , Daty, 69, CG, Asian CG , Doggy, Mish.
Session Length: 40 min
Fee: $490Reals ($117 USD) Entry+Girl + Room
Hair Length and Color: Dark black hair to the middle of her back
Age: 22
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: Tall slender( not Skinny ) girl about 5'7" & 130 lbs. Small b cup titties with very dark & perky nipples. She had only a hint of a tanline & had an attractive GND face with an innocent look. I thought she was the 2nd most attractive girl there & would give her an 8.5 . The facially 9.5 girl had a big old Brazilian butt that I don't care for.
The Rest of the Story: After my visit to Terma 502 in the downtown area of Rio I took the metro from Uruguaiana station to Siqueira Campos station. Then I walked one block on Rue Tonelero to Rua Hilario & down 3 blocks toward the beach to Terma Monte Carlo. It was dark but the streets were full of people & no one bothered me. When I got to MC the receptionist told me it was $120 Reals to enter. She added that if I wanted to see a girl for 40 min. It would $250 Reals plus another $120 for a small room, or $490 Reals total. There were additional options for better rooms & longer times but I told her the $490 was fine and she gave me a locker key and told me to shower on the 2nd floor and then put on a robe & go to the 3rd floor. After showering I walked up the spiral staircase to the 3rd floor lounge. The lounge was only 20-25 feet wide with long padded benches on both sides and long mirrors above the benches to the ceiling. There were some small tables in front of the benches. I got a beer and sat on the bench near a table. There were about 10 girls standing between the benches shaking to their asses to the Music playing while watching them selves in the mirrors. Most girls wore sexy dresses with some having deep plunging necklines. One shorter blonde had a nice top on but wasn't wearing panties.

As I watched the girls I soon noticed that most of them had some extra junk in the trunk. Facially there was a 9 1/2 there and she had a nice body from the waist up. The lower half of her looked like an Ice Cream cone with two sideways scoops! Then I noticed a tall slender girl across the room but a few minutes later she left the room. I drank my beer and watched the other girls for a while. When I wasn't looking a girl sat next to me and starting kissing my cheek over and over. I turned toward her and saw it was the slender girl. We did the intros and she put her arm around me and continued to kiss my cheek. I rubbed her leg as I looked to see what other girls were around. Jennifer's hugging and kissing soon got the little head's attention. We went off to a room. At the bottom of the stairs she took my locker key and asked me to wait there. There were two other guys waiting also. About 3-4 min. Later Jennifer comes back wearing sexy lingerie & she takes me upstairs to a tiny room with a Twin Bed in it.

On the bed I try kissing Jennifer but after a few good kisses she turns her head away. She starts to massage my Dick but I'm pretty much laying there just starring at her. Finally I tell her to give me a blow job. Jenifer then moves down and gives a BBBJ but with very little suction. She was just bobbing her head up & down with minimal lip contact. After a few minutes she sits up and reaches for a condom. I told her not yet and then I told her to move up so I could lick her pussy, which she did. As I'm licking her pussy Jennifer starts making soft whimpering noises then she leaned forward and put her hands on the wall. Her clit was soon hard like an eraser head. After a few minutes I asked for some 69 and she looked confused. I motioned for her to move her body around, which she did. While I flicked her clit with my tongue Jennifer gave me better BBBJ than she had before.

After a few minutes I pulled her ass up and Jennifer got off me and applied a condom. She then moved over me and sat on my Dick pushing it up into her warn wet snug pussy. I couldn't believe how good her pussy felt. If I hadn't seen her put the condom on me I would have sworn she was bare backing me. Girls on top usually doesn't do anything for me but then Jennifer lifts both her knees up and starts in with Asian cowgirl. After a minute or so of that I was almost ready to pop so I told her I want to do doggy. She looked confused so I said I want to be behind her. As I fucked Jennifer from behind with deep slow strokes she started making small grunting noises and she turned her head to look at me. I was again getting close but I wanted to prolong that feeling longer so I grabbed her hips and pushed my Dick hard into her in a grinding motion. Jennifer then put her head down and grabbed the sheets. When I calmed down some I went at her hard & Fast again for a while before asking her to turn over. As Jennifer turned over she lifted her legs up to her just and she guided my Dick into her pussy. While her legs up I fucked hard & deep until I Popped.

After cleaning me up Jennifer said something about "chips". Like the girl I saw earlier at 502 I told her I didn't understand what she was saying. She repeated "chips" a few more times then she gave up. After another shower I went back to the lounge and had a cheeseburger & beer while I watched the other girls shake their asses. While I was at the bar Jennifer came over to me and kissed me on the cheek again.

I looked at my watch saw it was 10 PM so I changed and paid the $553 Reals ($132 USD) bill (I thought the receptionist said drinks were included for the $120 entry. Food was $30Reals). At the door the doorman said "chips". I just turned to him and said the Girls cleaned me out. After leaving the club I walked a few to Copa 583 but the guy near the elevators told me to leave. When I asked about the Girls he shook his head no & pointed to the way out. I took the Metro back to my Hotel in Centro and grabbed some more cash to check out Club Cancun. When I checked for the address online It said it was soon closing at 12 midnight. I then got the address for MV30 and walked the few blocks there but it was closed. Their website said they were open?? I figured fate was telling me I had enough pussy for the day so I went back to my Hotel.

If my Ex had a pussy like that I would not be posting these reports.
Recommendation: Yes


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